Thursday, July 19, 2007

CGOA 2007 Conference: Day Three

Day Three of the CGOA National Conference was by far the busiest for me.  Although I did not have a morning class scheduled I did have an early breakfast gathering to attend with members of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Lori shows off the hook she made in Nancy's Classand members of the Chain Gang of Stamford; both are CGOA Chapters of Connecticut.  One person, Rose, was missing.  I hadn't seen her from the night before and I was a little concerned; where was Rose?  I was also feeling Lori's pain -- she needed a ticket in order to attend the Dinner/Fashion show that would take place in the evening.  Problem was, they were sold out!

I eventually found Rose in the lobby -- on crutches!  Poor dear!  I asked her what happened. She said she tripped while making room on the sidewalk during an evening walk the night prior, resulting in a sprain.  I told her that explanation simply wouldn't do.  I told her we'd tell everyone she tripped over her yarn stash & crochet hook in her hotel room!  Rose thought that was funny, so that's the explanation I went with.  Of course she set everyone straight! :)

Having about an hour of spare time I decided to awake Mini~Dee and see if she'd like to join me visiting the Vendors Market.  I had thought this would be a difficult task as she along with Dee Jr. Nancy, Pam and Noreenthey had gotten accustomed to staying up until midnight and sleeping in.  She was game, and ready to go in a minute flat!  While we were walking around visiting the vendors she found me a new rhinestone "IYCrochet" pin -- how could I resist?  Then she found her friend, another little girl of an attendee, and they headed off to the " Teach Me 2 Crochet® & Teach Me 2 Knit® sessions, generously sponsored by the Coats & Clark people.  While they were learning a new way to cast on (knitting), I went on the huntfor some red yarn Dee Jr. needed for his latch hook kit.

After locating the yarn for Dee Jr. it was time for us to head to Nancy Nehring's classroom -- it was time for the annual Hook Collectors meeting.   Lori, Grace and Jennifer all proudly showed us the hooks they created in Nancy's class.  I knew they'd enjoy this class because I did at the 2006 Conference. 

More people started filing into the room and before we knew it we were all learning Crochet hooks from WWII and 1917history about various crochet hooks attendees had brought with them.  Grace, who is incredible in collecting both old hooks & books, took out some of her old steel crochet hooks.  We learned that she nearly has a complete set of hooks made during World War II -- the giveaway is the coloring! (see photo on the right) We also learned that she has crochet hooks that shouldn't be kept in closed containers because they could ignite! (see hooks on bottom left)  Yikes!  Another attendee had a crochet hook dating back to approximately 1849!  It was a great meeting!  {{IF you are a CGOA member in good standing, you too can be a member of the Hook Collectors group!  Email me for information on how to join!}}

It was now time for my afternoon class -- another class with the wonderful Joan Davis; I told her I was her "groupie" -- she liked that! LOL   This class centered around the concept of using PI (a mathematical theory) in relation to crocheting circles.  I sat in the back of the class between Vashti and Rose.  We were quietly chatting along while working on our class assignments when two eureka moments happened nearly simultaneously!  The first was when Karen (I hope I'm remembering her name correctly) overheard Rose and I talking about Lori needing a ticket for the Dinner/Fashion Show.  It just so happened that Karen couldn't make it and thus didn't need her ticket; she offered her ticket to us!  After ensuring she was positive that she would not be attending, I wasted no time purchasing her ticket from her.  These tickets were like GOLD!  (think of the mayhem from the recent movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" where there were only five golden tickets to be found in chocolate bars being sold around the world and you get the idea!)  I instantly ran out of the room to leave Lori the message that we scored her a ticket to the evening festivities.  Cinder-Lori would be going to the Ball!!

The other eureka moment came when Vashti was discussing a project she was working on.  With a bit of ideas gathered from us she too dashed out of the room.  Only she didn't return to finish the class.  She had an idea for something to wear at the Fashion Show which was just mere hours away!

So, did Lori get my message about the ticket?  Did Vashti finish her design in time for the Fashion Show?  You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun making my crochet hooks that I will now add that to the multitude of crafts I now enjoy.  Haley and I had a blast with so many cool crocheters we can't wait for next year.. Thanks again, Dee for the Golden Ticket; it was definately a Cinderella night for me.  Lori