Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Yes I'm back in black"

Have you ever tried to photograph dark items?  A camera lens has a very difficult time picking up the details the human eye can. 

Have you ever crocheted with a dark fiber and screamed that the stitches are impossible to see?

Did you try it with a matching (in color) hook?  yeah. Ouch for the eyes is right!

Fortunately I have a lot of practice with crocheting with my eyes closed (lets just say I like to rest my eyes while crocheting various stitches now & then and that when I do it totally freaks my kids out because they say I'm crocheting in my sleep) ... {{grins}}

OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) 18W Ellenton Floor Lamp w/Bonus Bulb

For the photo featured today, I cheated -- I used my scanner and "brightened" the image by over 100% -- at least now, through the picture, stitches can be seen.  In "real life" the human eye can not only see the stitches, but also the variations in the fibers I decided to use.

Crocheting with dark colors is not impossible!  One just needs a lot of patience, a good light behind them (I love using Ott lights), something light in color (like a sheet, a towel, or a piece of paper) to place on the lap so light is reflected up, and, oh, perhaps one of those new lighted Clover crochet hooks that will be coming on the market soon ... I saw them advertised over at earlier today ... placing my order for one will have to wait.  For now, I still have about 2 feet worth of stitches to go in order to finish the scarf. I'm using another Graydog hook (sold on ebay) in a combination of Wendy's "Velvet Touch" (and is it ever!!), mixed with S. Charles' "Cancun," Mondial's now sadly discontinued "Marlene," and Lion Brand's "Incredible" ribbon. Even with it's hard-to-see coloring, it's been a real pleasure to design & work this project up -- another gift for Auntie.  :)
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