Wednesday, November 1, 2006

"That was totally Wicked!"

Yesterday was a scream!  I dressed up as a crochet fanatic by wearing one of my crochet pins -- oh, wait, that's nothing new; so I guess I didn't dress up for Halloween after all.  Bummer.  Maybe next year I'll dress up as a knitter, or a seamstress! ...  Ah, but I did bring in the headless crochet hook to class!  Wha ha ha ha ha

We had such a ghoolish time together that we decided to hang out a bit after the class was over.  While we had fun chatting up a storm and working up more stitches, the store seemingly filled with many crocheters.  (Should I dare think that perhaps they were all knitters dressed up as crocheters for Halloween?)  It doesn't matter; it was great seeing so many crocheters at one time! 

Then last night, at my sister-in-law's, our last stop on the Trick or Treat door bell ringing tour, we got to talking.  She inquired if I'd be interested in reintroducing her to crocheting -- she had made an "endless granny square" afghan many, many years ago and now she's interested in picking up the hook again to create some scarves.  While we were talking my nieces asked if I'd teach them too.  I happily agreed.  So on Thanksgiving Day, after all the joys of cooking & cleaning are over, we'll hold a mini crochet class.  Now that's a dessert I'm looking forward to offering!  :)


Anonymous said...

I had the BEST time yesterday!  It was great seeing you!  Thank you thank you thank you!  I can't wait for next week's class - I am planning a stash search for the best fibers to bring.  See you then! --Haley

Anonymous said...

You know, that Thanksgiving idea sounds like a winner of a plan!  

And what are these costumes I am seeing?  They look neat!

Hugs and love,