Saturday, November 4, 2006

A Look Back

Last night I put the finishing touches on one of the items I'll be displaying in my "Quick Crochet Gifts" class I'm teaching on Tuesday.  The finishing touches was really two buttons covered with bead work that I had purchased earlier this year at One World Button in New York City.  As I held it in my hands to admire I started thinking back to my very first projects ...

Squares that looked trapezoids, or worse -- like triangles!  Circles turned to mis-shaped ovals that looked like they spent too much time under a rolling pin.  Oh, yes, I do remember those projects well!  I remember the frustration; I remember the wonderment too.

I'd be frustrated because I wanted my projects to come out perfect, while also wondering what caused my project to go amiss -- and now what was I to do with it?  Do I continue on and hope for the best, perhaps fudging it (meaning to insert my own type of correction) ... or do I rip it out and begin again?

I don't recall that it mattered which option I went with.  I was getting in a lot of practice, learning from my errors: learning to correct them and learning to enhance the errors for a new look. 
I certainly didn't become "good" at crochet overnight; it took me a long time to understand the rules of crochet. 

As I continued to look over my work last night and recall those thoughts, I fell asleep.  I dreamed my family bought a mansion and surprised me with it.  As I took my first tour of the house I was amazed at it's beauty; the fine details throughout the huge house.  When we arrived to check out the last room I found that my husband, Mr. Dee,  had already had movers move my yarn stash in.  It was placed on three shelves high (40 feet or so) on the walls.  "How am I to reach my stash?" I asked him.  He replied, "You'll have to work at it." 

I looked around the room some more.  In the room on every lower shelf and table was every one of my first crochet projects; many I had long ago forgotten about.  My oval hats, my trapezoid blankets, my triangle scarves.  My, I have come a long way in my crocheting abilities ... while it was fun to revisit those early works, it is nice to know this was just a dream.  :)


Anonymous said...

Dee, I'm glad that you remember. You made me remember when I first started out, and everything that was supposed to be square was triangle.

Anonymous said...

And my work always started out to be a blanket and became a hat!  Thanks for straightening me out!  Can't wait for the class on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looking forward to showing you my finished chemo cap in that beautiful pink!

Anonymous said...

It's been very nice stopping in to visit your journal!  I am working on a granny square blanket with hundreds of crocheted squares just waiting to be connected.  It's been quite an undertaking considering we've moved three times since I started it.  I would love to send you an invite to my journal so look for one shortly in your mail box and stop by anytime.  I find spare time occasionally for all of my hobbies but it's a little tough having three little ones.  Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm into dream analysis but yours was very obvious.  Dreaming about living (or moving into) a home with lots of space and extra rooms mean you have room in your life and heart for new experiences.  Your yarn stash being out of reach means the experience will be a challenge.  Seeing your early projects shows that you have met challenge in the past and conquered it.  I'm surprised you didn't see a pair of knitting needles in the room.  (LOL) Picking up the sticks again could be your new challenge.  Have little Dee teach you.  If I can try to master Tunisian crochet, you can certainly learn the garter stitch.