Tuesday, November 28, 2006

60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge Update

Sheila over at Needles and Hooks has completed her seventh scarf for this challenge;
Olga donated two;
Shelley donated one;
Melanie at  My Crochet and Ramblings journal, pledged to create one but was able to crochet six;
Priscilla over at By Hook or Needles created at least 12 (Priscilla, please correct me if I'm wrong)
Sherri at Sherris Needle Arts crocheted three;
and Wendy gave two crocheted scarves to a group that gives handcrafted items to children's charities in New York City.

Awesome job ladies!!!  Thank you so much for participating!! 

Then, if we add in the four I finished weaving in the tails to late last night (bringing my total to 18) this brings our total count to 51 ... we need NINE more scarves by the end of this month to meet our goal of 60 Scarves in 60 Days!! 

It's easy to participate:  You crochet, knit, weave, sew a scarf and then give it to a person or organization in need.  There's no shipping involved!  You do the work, your local community benefits!  Once your scarf is done, you send me an email or leave a comment here to have yours added.

All we need is NINE more in two days!!  I knowwe can do it!!  Go ahead, start a scarf tonight to give to someone in need!  :)


Anonymous said...

Ok Dee,
 I pledge 2 more I think I can get 2 more done by the end of the month. And away I go a crocheting! Sherri

Anonymous said...

Okay Dee,
I'm off and running...to my yarn stash.  I can do one more scarf, we can beat the goal!
Grammy's Knots

Anonymous said...

Well I would do it but I am moving this month and it's a doozy of a time for us right now.  Love the idea though!!  Hope ya get a lot of partakers.  Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I finished one more scarf last night, that brings my total to seven.  I started another this morning, but I need to leave for work now, I should finish it tonight.  Good Luck,
Melanie from Grammy's Knots at My Crochet and Ramblings journal,

Anonymous said...

Please include two scarves that I completed over the Thanksgiving Holiday!  I am a member of knitting and crocheting club here in Los Angeles and we are also contributing scarves to the orphan.org project.

Anonymous said...

Dee: I have four scarves done and will have a fifth finished by the 30th. They will be distributed at a homeless shelter in San Francisco in December. Laura

Anonymous said...

Dee I have 7 scarfs & (hats) 5 knit 2 crocheted for the local homeless shelter


Anonymous said...


Sorry I forgot to add my name to my entry. This was my first making an entry to your blog.