Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"This is the work of my heart"

There has been recent discussion on what can be called as Craft and what can be called as Art. Many state that the beauty behind the craft/art being appreciated all stems from the beholder. I ask, is this true? Does one view a crocheted stuffed animal as a sculpture, or as a toy for a child -- or could it be both depending upon who is defending it as craft, and who is defending it as art? Is there really a difference?
Pronunciation: 'kraft
Etymology: Middle English, strength, skill, from Old English cræft; akin to Old High German kraft strength
     ... an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill <CRAFTS sewing and carpentry, pottery, as such>

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin art-, ars skill acquired by experience, study, or observation
     ...the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects ; also : works so produced
                                                        ~ Merriam Webster Dictionary

With the official start of the holiday season just days away, television commercials are already bombarding us with the "buy this to win their heart" mentality.   I'd much rather view the Joann.com  commercial(s) I found on youtube on national television as I love their message:  "When you make something by hand it means I was thinking of you ... it says I give you something more valuable than my money ... this is the work of my hands ... this is the work of my heart ... and now I give it all to you ... this is what it says when you give a gift that was made by hand." 
 I think this should be the message we promote so heavily during the holiday season, don't you?

Take back your holiday from over commercialism and hand-held electronics that show no outlet for creativity.  Create some crafts, some beautiful art by hand for your loved ones and encourage someone else to create gifts by hand.  Go ahead and ignite the creativity in your friends and family through work you've created!  Encourage the use of hands for more than a gameboy -- encourage them to create something that can be felt, something that can be appreciated for years to come.  Some ideas: 
     * Give a scarf that can 'hug' during the cold winter season.
     * Give an afghan that can warm and comfort loved ones living far away.
     * Give a tapestry's basket or wall hanging inspired with colors perhaps used by their favorite artists.Free shipping at Joann.com!  Code:  DECFSA625
     * Give items (ipod/cell phone/treasure bags) that they can use year round.
     * Give a gift certificate to a local craft/yarn store along with a "handmade coupon" for them to redeem it with you to learn a new craft/art together.

For this holiday season, I'm almost done with the project I started for my daughter, and hope to crochet a sweater for my son (in Tunisian perhaps?); plus my daughter is almost done with the project she started for her dad.  I'm also still working on the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge -- I can sure use your help in reaching that goal by the end of the month!

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