Friday, November 3, 2006

Overlay Crochet: An Update

Many of my readers ask about the Overlay Crochet technique that I often discuss here ... it's a technique developed by the ever-lovely Melody MacDuffee.  Previously, the only way to see her work would be through various magazine publications (of which I am delighted to have a few), or through pictures others (such as myself and Allie) have posted on the Internet.  The pictures offered in today's blog entry are the simple overlay pieces I turned into coasters for my niece's Home Warming in 2005.  In fact, I got "caught" crocheting them at our local library

I'm delighted to announce that Melody now has her own website which includes pictures of her beautiful work, class information, and more!  You can visit her at:  ...and she'll be coming out with a new book called "Crochet Overlay Jewelry" really soon.  Of course it will be on the Wish List I'll be providing to Santa right after Thanksgiving!  LOL


Anonymous said...

They are very beautiful Dee!  How easy is this to learn?  

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

 I went o learn from Dee. And I found it very easy to learn. But of course I had Dee teaching me:) What fun we had. I hope you wil try it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
I love your site, you have beautiful patterns and great info on crochet which I love. Looking at your scarf it's really nice and simple but here is where I have a major problem.....keeping the rows straight I can't do it, I have tried counting the stitches and trying to be real careful not to go past the last stitch but some how I always end up with uneven rows, straight for a bit and then uneven.....any suggestions
thanks Hanifah