Sunday, July 1, 2007

Question From Reader: Polish Star Stitch/Technique

I found your site at random the other day. I'd posted a pic on another group of a Polish star afghan I finished (which I have offered to Peter Franzi as an auction item to raise funds for the food pantry he volunteers for that hosts his Men Who Crochets CGOA chapter meetings), and someone asked me how to do the technique, which sent me in search online for tutorials on it. I couldn't find any.

I noticed your site has a lot of good info, I was hoping you could put together a pic tutorial of Polish Star stitch to put up on your site, so SOMETHING online would be out there.

Anita, this is a great question! Everyone, take a look at Anita's Polish Star Afghan ... isn't it beautiful -- and very patriotic too!!  To view more of Anita's fantastic crochet work on Flickr click here.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Polish Star stitch/technique, let me state that it was Pauline Turner, of the UK, who introduced it to the United States -- if memory serves me correctly, she did so at one of the very first CGOA Conferences that was held in the mid-1990s.  If Pauline's name sounds familiar, it should!  Pauline has been on the forefront of crochet, with a number of books published, for quite some time!  In fact, I featured an interview here with her last year when she Wow'ed everyone with her Peacock Cape! 

Right now, Anita, I am pressed for time -- in preparing for the upcoming Conference and working on design proposals, so doing a how-to-tutorial is not in the future at this time.  I will say this, though, for those that are curious about it:

The Polish Star technique is a textured stitch that uses the most basic of crochet stitches!  The key is in the way chain loops are later interlocked together.  Want some practice in making chain loops in your work? Give this pretty Tulip Stitch a try.  Or, if you're interested in learning the Real McCoy, The Polish Star stitch/technique, then you'll want to give AnniesAttic a visit and order their "Spectacular Polish Star Fashions" book.  They're currently having a 4th of July sale featuring it for $2.99 (reg 7.95).

Anita, I think the question here should be: how does one go about placing a bid for your beautiful afghan???    :) 
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