Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Shopping Experience

Mr. Dee gave it all he had, but it looks like a second revival of the laptop will not be happening.  So, we said goodbye to our "trusty friend" and went out this afternoon to adopt a new one.

I think shopping for laptops is much like shopping for yarn.  The first thing most crocheters do is check the price point.  "Sure this yarn costs $2.29, but what am I getting for my money? How does it compare to this model, er, skein, over here?"  And so we wonder off to examine the next dye lot, the next fiber content, the yardage, the next "must have it now" yarn craze fav that is heating up the conversations in various online groups.

Ah, but is price point the best way to judge?  What about softness, or about how hardfast it is?  And what about judging hand-dyed against machine?  My logic is, if you're going to be investing time into the project, then you should invest money into the raw materials.   No, you shouldn't need to take small a mortgage out for every project that will end up on the hook, but certainly we should consider it for those that will be for our loved ones -- and for ourselves.  At least, this is my belief. 

So this is what I told Mr. Dee this afternoon as we looked each one over.  He looked at the price points, he ran his fingers across ... the keyboards, and checked the yardage screen sizes.  He asked the questions, and in the end came home with a new laptop that promises to not only make his online experience better, but mine too.  Can we say WEBCAM??? LOL Oh, boy, once I figure out how to use it, there's no telling what crochet topic will be not only discussed -- but shown! -- here on CrochetingWithDee!  Now isn't that exciting?  :)

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Anonymous said...

Did you go Mac?  I'm so glad you will be able to stay in touch with everyone from the conference!!  See you there!  Haley