Monday, July 2, 2007

"On a Wing & a Prayer"

Regardless of what my son, Dee Jr., will tell you, I am not, I repeat, I am NOT a Drama Queen!  I do not exaggerate the facts, I rather tend to embellish them.  It's what crocheters do best.  Embellish that is. 

I'm in a near panic funk today as I've misplaced a much needed skein of yarn!

"What do you mean you misplaced a much needed skein of yarn," my son skeptically repeated back to me.

I show him my work and the yarn labels.  "I should have enough, but seem to have either misplaced or lost a skein when I was toting the project around," I replied sadly, looking around the room hoping to find it.

"I don't know why you are so upset, Mom. You have TONS of yarn!" he exclaimed while waving his arms around to emphasize my out-of-control yarn stash.

"Yes, my son," I replied, "I do have a lot of yarn.  But I need this brand, in the same dye lot.  Believe me, it does make a difference!"

"Right Mom. You want me to believe you, don't you?  I think you're just creating all this drama so you can create an excuse to go out and buy more yarn!" he said while shaking his head in disbelief.

I don't have time to go into explaining the importance of brands & dye lots with him at the moment; the Conference is next week and I want to complete this project to wear while I'm there.  Maybe it rolled out of the bag while I was driving & it's in my vehicle ... I look at my son and exclaim in my best Adam West impersonation, "There's no time for that now, Robin!  To the Batcave!" as I dash out the front door ...


Anonymous said...

Oh Dee!!  Good Luck - I know you will find it.  I finished the stitching of my Doris Chan mobius while on vacation.  I almost lost the whole project to the "Airline monster"!  I had packed my project bag in the side pocket of my luggage and the baggage handlers somehow ripped the pocket open at the bottom!  Imagine my surprise to be looking for my luggage and see my makeup bag and crochet project bag pass by independently on the belt!  I was so glad I had taken my hook (my new puppy!!) in my carry-on to work on a smaller project during the flight.  That was a lesson learned for sure.  Any way, happy hunting!  Can't wait to see your finished project in just 12 days!!!--Haley

Anonymous said...

Dee, I have a little problem maybe you can help me with. I have a very old crochet hook. Its a very small needle size. I have no idea what size the needle is. Is there a guage like they have the larger hooks out there that Im not aware of that will tell me the size of this hook? Or can you direct me to where I can find out this information? As always your help is fantastic. Thanks, Sherri