Friday, July 20, 2007

CGOA 2007 Conference: Chic Street Fashion Show

When we left off yesterday questions were left unanswered.  This is the continuation of Day Three at the CGOA National Conference that was held in Manchester, New Hampshire.

After finishing my class by Joan Davis I returned to my hotel room to get ready for the Chic Street Fashion Show.  I was excited as this would be the first time both of our children would be on the runway; my son was going to wear the sweater I designed for him based upon one of his favorite shirts, and my daughter was going to wear the Doris Chan piece I altered the pattern on somewhat.  As we changed and hurried down to the banquet hall I was concerned; Lori had not returned my calls regarding the GOLDEN ticket we obtained from her earlier in the day! 

While standing in line I saw her.  She was with Haley.  I excitedly shouted out to her as she got closer, "Lori, you're going to the Ball!  We got you a ticket!!"  This brought a smile to her face as I handed her the ticket.  Yeah!  (It turns out that Lori never got my messages because my cellphone bit the dust, but that's another story for another day.)

I was allowed to go into the banquet hall early with the children as I had to turn in paperwork and show the show organizers what my "models" would be wearing.  While there I inquired if the children could practice walking on the catwalk so they wouldn't be so nervous.  They said yes.  Knowing there was another child that would be modeling I asked for her to be sent in so all the children could practice together.  They must have walked up and down that catwalk at least 20 times, each time perfecting how they'd show off the garments and do that little pause at the end for photographs. 

Soon everyone started filing in.  Nearly every participant was wearing some sort of crochet or knit!  It was a fantastic sight to be seen!  After the food was served and dishes cleared names of raffle prize winners were being called out by Rita Weiss, crochet legend and the CGOA's President.  I was one of those who's name was called.  The tables around me cheered, but even though my table was close, it took me a few moments to get up to claim my prize.  Rita, using the microphone, jokingly inquired what took me so long and I blushed.  I replied with a smile, "I had to put my shoe back on!"  (Remember that swollen ankle from Day Two?)  When I returned to my table with my prize there was a good chuckle from everyone: this crocheter won a knit pattern package! (I haven't finished unpacking -- yet -- so I'll add in the title later.)

Soon the lights were dimmed and Lily Chin was introduced as our announcer; she did such a fantastic job!  It was the start of the Fashion Show!  (7/23 UPDATE: I have changed the photo option to "classic" -- this should make the viewing easier.  Thank you for the feedback!)

How did the children do?  They were FANTASTIC and if I can figure out how to rotate the video footage of them I might upload it for all to see! 

And what about Vashti?  Did she ever finish her piece in time?  Yes!  Not only did she finish the concept, but she rocked the house!  (see photo on right)  I think everyone will remember this show, and Vashti, for years to come!  :)

So what else happened on this third day of the Conference?  More details tomorrow!  (I love suspense, don't you? lol)

For more photos of the Chic Street Fashion Show, visit Frances' album hosted by Kodac:


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I loved your stories and photos of the conference, looks and sounds like a blast!!!  Thanks for sharing!  -Pam