Friday, July 6, 2007

Guest Blogger: Casey

Hi, it's me, Casey, better known as Mini~Dee.

I thought I'd give my Mom the day off from blogging so she could concentrate on what to pack for the Conference.  I'm really excited to be going again.  This will be my third Conference -- and my second Conference where I'll be modeling during the Fashion Show.  The good news is that my Mom tells me more kids will be there; I can't wait to meet them!

Right now I decided to create a dress for my doll.  I named her "Angel."  She joined my doll family not too long ago when we were out shopping.  We were in a sports store when I saw her sitting on a shelf NAKED!  I felt really bad for her that she had no clothes so I asked if we could buy her.  Mom said yes, so I had been waiting for the right yarn to make her a beautiful dress.

At the last Chapter meeting my friend Margaret gave me some pretty ribbon yarn.  I drew out the dress, and took measurements of my doll.  Now that the dress is nearly complete I've been busy sorting through my Great-Grandma's button collection.  I never met her, but I bet she was as amazing as her button collection!  My Mom told me stories of when she was a kid and enjoyed going through them, so I like thinking about that when I'm looking at all the different colors and shapes.  My brother likes looking at them all too.

All I need to do is decide which buttons to use, add on the trim and tuck in my ends.  Then it will be done.  I'm thinking of holding her to show off while I'm modeling at the Fashion Show.  I think Angel will have fun there too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Thanks for the great blog entry.  I'm sure mom is happy that you gave her a little break.  She sounds "a little" stressed!
I'd love to see a picture of Angel and her new dress when you're finished.  Or maybe you're saving the dress for the conference.  Please post a picture of Angel and the dress after the conference.

Anonymous said...

Casey, also known as Mini-Dee, great work on this entry.  I also read that your doll dress won a blue ribbon at the Fair.  Congratulations!  I love following your career, you'll be a famous designer one day.