Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CGOA 2007 Conference: Oh, Those Freeformers!

As I start to wind down my series about the National CGOA Conference (seriously, how much longer do you think I can stretch this out?? lol) I want to make special note that it was an honor to hunt down the perfect " Tree of Life Tree of Peace" tree used in the International Free Form Crochet Guild's display. 

I was worried, for a bit, about the tree "toasting" and "twisting in the highway wind" while enroute from Connecticut to New Hampshire, and more so while it seemed to wither a bit more as it awaited in our hotel room for it's time to "shine" -- I wondered, how would the tree look?  When I had heard that Mr. Dee and the kids snuck it down the fire escape (stairs) rather than through the hotel lobby again, I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.  I will admit that the tree had that "Charlie Brown" christmas tree appeal -- it wasn't looking good at all!

But, then, after class, when I visited the booth, I looked up to see that it was placed beneath a sky light and decorated with love.  The tree, a red maple once upon a time, looked like it had perked up a bit -- I think, and this is my own humble opinion -- it knew it was representing "The Tree of Life;" and in today's world of "evil doers" all one needs is a few ounces of hope, right?  I think so.    And so in this case, the "Charlie Brown Red Maple" did quite well if I do say so myself.  :)

I did not participate in actually creating one of the fantastic ornaments, but I was in awe!!  Freeform in actual 3-D -- no special viewing glasses required!  My hat is off to all those who participatedin this challenge!  :)

I did, however,  if you recall, participate in the Earth, Air, Fire, Water challenge.  Myra did an absolute AMAZING job of assembling the pieces together!  She has also done a most fantastic job of moderating and inspiring the group (I mean, look she got me to haul a TREE to a Conference!) then it should be no surprise that she was invited to join the President's Panel for the CGOA as the Freeform LiasonCongratulations Myra!-- I know you will rock in this new position!!  

Now, here's an interesting tidbit about the photo you see to the left -- I had asked Myra to pose "like Vanna White" for me.  See how eagerly she wants to please us Freeformers?  Yes, this is just more proof she will do superbly as our Liason!   Seriously folks, she had no idea (nor did I!) until I zoomed in on the photograph, that what Myra really wanted to do was to point out where my contribution is in this gorgous piece of art!  LOL 

Myra, could you now show all my lovely readers where you added my "fire?" (see photo below for the answer)

To see Dee's contribution prior to assembly, click onto Myra

Forgive me, Myra, this was just too much of a coincidence to pass up!  LOL 
Readers, click onto the photo to get a close-up of my work prior to Myra adding it to the collection.

Myra, Thank you for playing "Vanna White" for me, and for everything you do for the group!  You're an amazing & wonderful person that I'm delighted to know!  :)

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