Monday, July 16, 2007

Details Will Continue

We arrived safely home from the Conference late last night.  The first thing the children did this morning was check their garden; they were delighted to find it filled with huge zucchinis and squash large enough to feed the Jolly Green Giant's family, all of which had grown during the week we were away at the Conference!  They then proceeded to share them with the neighbors along with news of how much they enjoyed going to the Conference!  (Perhaps I should consider hiring them as my crochet PR firm?)

Mr. Dee spent time unloading the vehicle, and is, as of this moment, still unloading.  He is such the trooper!  I hadn't realized we, rather I, did THAT much shopping!  Did I?  Oh no, I don't recall!  I'm going to have to use the excuse of sleep deprivation, and/or sleep walking, to explain all those bags!  Yeesh!

I spent several hours this morning "enhancing" photos that were too dark due to poor lighting conditions -- I have many, many photos AND DETAILS to share!  I know I'm behind in explaining the details of Day Two, Three, and Four and promise that I will.  But by time I was given access to my Journal here (due to some AOL glitch) I was feeling very sleepy.  So with the wave of my crochet hook, and along with my eight-year-old, we took a four hour nap.  Hmm, seems he was sleep deprived too.  I wonder if any of those bags could be from HIS sleep-walking shopping excursions?  Yes, lets go with that as the explanation, shall we?  LOL

Come back tomorrow for details of Day Two.  :)

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