Friday, July 27, 2007

The Tribble With Yarn is ...

It's been said that many stores are feeling as though fiber artists are not spending money on supplies as they once did.  So they're slashing prices and some, sadly, are closing their doors forever.  But, even with the cost of fuel, electricity, housing, and food climb, I don't think we're spending less on yarn and hooks.  No way!

Instead I think it is entirely possible that, like the Enterprise, we simply cannot house any more of it!  All this week, in my own home, I've been dealing with the apparent "over running" of various yarns!  Remember that Star Trek episode where there was trouble with the Tribbles?  What if we yarn consumers ARE in fact still purchasing yarn at the same rate but find that once home those purring balls of fancy fibers, in the privacy of our closets, under our beds, and in the trunks of our cars, are breeding?!?  Yes, I said  b-r-e-e-d-i-n-g !!

That is what I told Mr. Dee tonight.  That this could, indeed, explain my recent feelings of being overrun by my own stash collection.  After all, it IS everywhere -- seemingly multiplying as each day passes; some I haven't a clue as to when or where I may have purchased it!  I find myself questioning if I did purchase it, or if they are, in fact, the clever offspring of some alpaca skeins and silk hanks I had set aside for future projects?  Could it be that I'm not alone in this; is it possible that this is exactly what happened to this woman?  Had I not been alerted to this from the Crochet Partners group, I may never have believed it myself!  Obviously she, and possibly myself included, could use the skills of Scotty to beam the excess onto a passing Klingon ship.

Since beaming my stash into another galaxy is out for the moment, and that I'm still playing "catch-up" from attending the recent CGOA Conference, my plan of action is to go after those fur babies with hook in hand -- they'd look great crocheted as chemo caps!  Crocheting them up is a small enough project to work on in this Connecticut heat while ensuring there will be no more tribble -- at least for the moment!  ;)

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