Saturday, June 30, 2007

WIMs are nothing to get Bugged Out about

After a visit to my local hardware store I've decided to nix crocheting the basketball "back roll" idea. Photo by Dee StanzianoAt nearly $4 for each package of 70 yards of neon rope (I was thinking of going either pink or orange -- or mixing the colors based upon the doilies Jane has been inspiring me with on her blog), I've decided that it would be too expensive of an experiment at this time.  After all, my husband and I have two children and 4500 ladybugs to support.  So I purchased a nylon trellis and that worked out quite well.

Did you catch that?  Yeah, we're home to 4500 ladybugs this summer.  Direct from California (via USPS) they arrived safely here in Connecticut yesterday and are now enjoying their stay in our garden.  If you ever want to see what sunshine looks like radiating from your child's face then give them a few thousand ladybugs to turn loose; talk about an incredible joy!!  (to the right are some of the ladybugs on one of our corn stalks)

So my next thought is to come up with a much smaller (affordable) project that will reflect our summertime activities.  Perhaps something ladybug-ish that the kids could use to reminisce about the summer they let 4500 ladybugs loose.  I'm liking this pattern, but think rather than using the filet technique, I can follow the chart and do color changes -- using embroidery floss.  If you have other ladybug crochet ideas, please share!  :)

Sidebar:  Some ladybugs are not ladies at all!  They're "men" bugs!  It's the same thing with crochet: men do it too!  So when addressing crocheters remember there are men to be included in your salutations too!  :)  
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Anonymous said...

I think Mini-Dee and Dee Jr need ladybug hats!
A friend in our chapter has been busy designing hats for her 5 yr. old son - cat, dog, duck, and so many more.  I'm trying to talk her into submitting her designs for publication.  But, back to the topic -
Ladybug hats to remind them of this summer fun!
Jane  (thanks for the mention!)