Monday, July 30, 2007

Flattering Fits of Frustration

I spent the weekend trying to get my new Blackberry Pearl working.  I've had it for a week and a half and it's been a miserable union.  Something was wrong with it so they exchanged it for me yesterday (the SIM card kept getting "rejected" and then they determined the "mother board" was bad -- cell phones have mother boards? who knew?).  I'm still having a rough go with the replacement; in trying to figure out how it works.  Right now it's rejecting bluetooth links and refuses to play nicely with my PC.  I might return it and get an entirely different phone. 

Hooboy.  One would think I'd be most miserable about not getting the technology to function properly, but that's not the entire case here.  I think, deep down, I'm more miserable because as I was purchasing the phone last week, a new design concept popped into my head!! -- I wanted to start working on it IMMEDIATELY using some of the fibers obtained from the recent CGOA Conference, but I can't!  Augh!  I don't like being in limbo like this!

It's like ordering a "Mail Order Groom" and having him arrive.  Sure his personality is everything you wanted, along with some unfortunate annoying hiccups, but it's his dimension that's totally throwing you.  Say your Groom arrived some 200 pounds (plus or minus, take your pick) of what you expected him to be and that you were already working up a crocheted cable sweater for him to wear to the wedding.  It's not going to work!  Without the proper measurements, no mater how much stretching, or tucking, the sweater is not going to have a flattering fit! 

And this is the case with my Blackberry: why start the project if I don't know that this will be the cell phone I'll end up with?  I think that if I'm going to be in a two-year committed relationship, I should be able to at least have some say in what he, er, it, wears.  ;)


(Note: I have no idea if Mail Order Grooms exist, I'm just using this as a metaphor to prove my point.)

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