Saturday, October 28, 2006

Under the Weather

I'm a bit under the weather ... have been since late Thursday.  And, while on the topic of the weather, I'm also playing phone tag with my father's home insurance provider: the big rain/wind storm we're experiencing today brought down a massive tree onto his home.  Fortunately he wasn't home when it happened, but it did leave behind a huge mess!  The tree width is about the size of a pickup truck.  When it rains, it pours, right?

While I'm headed back over to "camp couch" to take it easy (& possibly get some crochet stitches in), I thought I'd leave you all with this interesting article ... you know, just in case you were wondering if crochet is still in fashion or not (it is!):

Craft couture: A whole new take on handiwork

UPDATE: Here's a little video clip to give an idea how massive the tree was:

Storm brings down massive tree


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, Dee!  I hope your Dad is okay and has a place to stay until the house is fixed.  The windy spell stretches from you back to us and even farther west.  I've opted to stay home lest there be limbs/wires down outside.

I hope you find a hot cup of tea with lemon and honey to sip while you're at "camp couch".  Does a throat wonders!

Feel better!


PS - found fabric on eBay of giraffes wearing scarves when I was making your bag.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your nomination.

Anonymous said...

The video of the tree that feel on your dad's house was great.  The video not your dad's poor house.  It really was a huge tree.  I'm glad your dad wasn't home when the tree fell.  A very large branch fell through my grandmother's home when she was there.  She was terrified of storms after that.
Where did you get the picture of the giraffe he is so cute.  Let me know if you can at grammys knots blog.  Thanks and good luck.