Saturday, October 14, 2006

Portuguese Knitting: Is it another hybrid?

Currently I am the "keeper" of the Crochet Guild of America's Hook Collectors Club's crochet hooks.  In this collection is an unusual item -- a knitting needle connected to a cable that is connected to a crochet hook.  I had never seen this combo prior to becoming the CareTaker, and it has, ever since, been in the back of my mind of wanting to learn more about.

A knitting needle and a crochet hook connected!  This is not the first time that the lines between crocheting and knitting have been blurred.  In the
many different types and techniques of crochet, two instantly come to my mind that come close to the knitting experience: one is using the Tunisian technique where crocheters can knit and purl with results that look amazingly like that created with the traditional knitting needles -- only we use a very long crochet hook to achieve those results.

The second is a technique known as Crochenit.  It's worked similarly as Tunisian, only two colors are worked -- one in one direction, and another in the opposite direction.  And like Tunisian, the work is never turned.

There also been some controversy over what is technically crochet and what is technically knit.  Is it the method that determines what it is, or is it the end results?  What do you think?  Be sure to cast your vote in my poll!  I am so intrigued with this topic that I last discussed it
here just a few months ago when the new book, "Crocheted Wire Jewelry" was hot off the press.  The book gave validation to a an artist's work that looks knitted but is created with a crochet hook!

Now Tracy of
Stringativity brings a YouTube video to my attention in her blog.  It's about "Portuguese Knitting" -- and wouldn't you know it, it's all about using that strange knitting needle/crochet hook combo I've been curious about for quite some time!  See for yourself:

Regardless if it's officially a knit technique, a crochet technique, or a hybrid technique, it sure looks interesting.  Interesting enough for me to place it on my list of techniques to try!  :)

If you're interested in this technique too, you can get a DVD on it here.

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