Sunday, October 22, 2006

NY Sheep & Wool Festival

What started out as a gray and cold autumn day turned out to be a day rich in color, textures and warmth.  We're talking about the annual Sheep & Wool Festival held in Rhinebeck, NY.

Rhinebeck is about 60 miles or so away and it took us about 90 minutes to get there.  We arrived early in the morning when there was still a chill in the air and plenty of "front row" parking.  (Later we would appreciate the "front row" parking as many people forced to park in the back fields sank into the deep mud caused by all the rain we've been having.  Those poor folks needed to be pulled out of the mud by tractor!)

My goal in attending this year was to stock up on a lot of angora and mohair in a deep, rich chocolately brown colors.  Last year these two fibers were aplenty as lace (knitted) was a huge selling point.  Sadly, I should have loaded up last year as there was barely any to be found this year-- and if either were -- the color was way off.  I only saw variegated, blues or purples, no rich browns. 

What was a big selling point were the felting supplies and kits.  I nearly purchased a pumpkin felting kit but then thought, "When would I have the time to do it?"  Now watch, next year, I'll want to make it & it won't be available.  LOL 

With the sun out and warming the autumn air, my children had a great time in petting all the animals, catching the live entertainment, rock collecting, pumpkin painting, and venturing into the haunted tunnel.  They dragged their poor Dad everywhere (he was such a good sport!) while I hunted for potential supply "adoptees."

I bumped into members from my CGOA Chapter, members from the New York City Crochet Guild, and from the International Freeform Group.  It was like a family reunion; I loved it!

I came home with some designer yarns and new pins -- Oh! I was sooooo delighted that one vendor, The Rams Horn, remembered from last year when I told him I needed some more crochet pins formy hat!  He created a few and I got there early enough to get one!  (see last picture)  I also got a pin that says "Lost in Fiber Space."  That's sooo true!

By far, this year's event was attended by many, many more than in the past!  If I had to put a figure on it (basing it on the crowd at the recent NYC Knit Out & Crochet Too event) I'd say at least 50,000 people were there yesterday.  I'm sure with the rain holding off thus far for today, that they were just as busy today as they were yesterday. But crowds aside, I'm looking forward to attending again next year.  :)

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Anonymous said...

I was there too!  Wasn't it great? I took my 12 year old to the Punkin Chunkin and then we hit the tents! I wish I could crochet better than I do (very beginner level) because I wanted some of every yarn there!