Tuesday, October 17, 2006

...mystery between the sheets ...

Laura, of Crochet Me A River, and I have been corresponding via emails discussing stitch possiblities for a project she has in mind.  I, being a huge fan of the Bushy stitch, recommended that she try working up a swatch in it.  "It's in the Crochet Stitch Bible," I say, "on page 81."
Laura turns to page 81 and discovers there's no Bushy stitch -- she has the Large Shell stitch where the Bushy (in my book) lays. 

We're talking about the very same little purple book filled with over 200 traditional and contemporary stitches.  She replied that her's was published in 2004 ... first issue.  Mine too. 

So I decided to ask one of the online groups I enjoy,
Crochet Partners, for a little help in solving this mystery.  Members of the group have been checking their books and discovering the same thing between the sheets -- they either have the Bushy stitch or the Tall Shells stitch.  I'm also discovering in their replies that, and I saw this for myself after teaching my crochet classes today, the issues with copyrights showing 2004, 2005 and 2004, 2005, 2006 all have the Large Shell pattern.  No Bushy.

So what happened to the Bushy stitch?  Why was it removed?  It's such a great stitch!! And, I now wonder, did the publisher make other changes? 
I plan on calling the publisher tomorrow to see if they can shed some light on this. 

If you have the book, what stitch do you show for page 81?

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 18:  I called Krause Publications today and was able to chat with one of the editors.  They are aware of the stitch change (Large Shells replaced the Bushy) but do not know why the Bushy stitch was removed after the first printing.  And, they stated that as far as they know, this is the only change they've made to the book since it was first published.


Anonymous said...

That certainly is very odd!  I look forward to hearing what the publisher has to say about it!  Keep us in-the-know!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dee, Im going to look for my copy and check it out. And by and by I got my very wonderful Afghan from you today! Its wonderful!! And I absolutly love the emery board you sent me. Is there anyway I can purchase some of these for my crochet group ladies for a cute little Christmas gift? I would love it and I know they would too!
Blessings, Sherri
Your crochet fan

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was the reason Maddie had trouble with the bushy stitch!  Mine has the bushy stitch and is copyright 2004 Quarto Inc.  I love this book and use it often - remember when we first discovered it?!?  Miss you terribly - hope to make a class soon.--Haley