Monday, October 23, 2006

Butterfly Flutters

I'm off to meet with a publisher today. I have that butterfly flutter (in the stomach) feeling and I love it.  I've always loved that feeling. I'd get that feeling when I'd start a new school, move to a new location, start a new job. That feeling signals to me that a new adventure, a new experience awaits exploring.

Many times I get that feeling when I pick up a skein of yarn. Those butterflies start fluttering their wings and then the creative juices start flowing. Sometimes those butterflies have to be placed on hold because other priorities come first.  But when I do let them loose it becomes an amazing fiber adventure for me. I really enjoy those moments of creating that first slip knot and working the first chains of the project.  Then as each stitch slips off my hook with that last yarn over, the magic of creating fabric with my own two hands is incredible.  It's the "Wow! I made that!" moment; if you're new to crocheting, watch out!  These feelings are, IMHO, addicting!  :)

Sometimes though, I feel that my butterflies can be manipulated. For instance, my sweet hubby asked me yesterday to create something specific for him -- a CD carrier. He said, "I know your talents; I know it would be nothing for you to whip something up. Can you do this for me?"  Ah, he's tempting my butterflies with a challenge!  I felt it ... a little flutter!  In my mind I already see the yarn, the hook, the stitches.  I see the work in progress, the finishing touches.  In the end I also see a happy husband.

Unfortunately I
 do not have the time right now to instantly give in to my butterflies.  Between the various charity drives (one being my own "60 Scarves in 60 Days") and working on pieces for future publication, time is an issue.  Fortunately he didn't say when he'd like his CD carrier to be created.  As I see it, I have the option of reining in those butterflies to release at another time, or to pass my butterflies on to Mini-Dee and ask her if she'd like to feel the butterlies flutter by taking on this challenge on for her Dad.  I'm betting she will.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the publisher!!  Can't wait to add your book to my growing collection!  I know it will be great!  Take care! Haley