Sunday, October 15, 2006

Addiction: It's a vicious cycle meant to be enjoyed

When one first learns how to crochet a fair warning should be given. Something along the line that states that the collecting of yarn, patterns, and crochet hooks becomes, for many, a huge addiction. An addiction so great that the mere mention of a sale we addicts will make plans to go and check it out.  I'll be the first to admit that I am such an addict.

While I do tend to acquire a lot of supplies, I do also tend to "burn" through them quite quickly. I think this is because as I hone my crocheting technique -- something that I'm still doing even though I've been crocheting since childhood -- my stitches are becoming much quicker and this means I'm finishing projects quicker.  I'm also more involved in crocheting for various charities than ever before.  (Just go with the flow here, I'm justifying my yarn purchases.  LOL)

So, when
Herrshners announced their sale a few weeks back I did what every other fiber addict did -- I shopped!  I picked out some beautiful Mode*Dea "Prima" in red (enough to create a sweater for myself), and various other shades for freeform and trim uses.  I also got a great supply of Sirdar's "Snuggly" - a dk weighted yarn that is already on my hook working up to be a surprise gift for one of my regular readers.

Of course my local yarn shops have been having great sales too.  I managed to pick up some 20 skeins of Mondail's "Marlene;" a sadly discontinued fiber that is just fantastic to use for Chemo hats.  I also purchased some of Plymouth Yarns' "Jelli Bean" yarn and edged a fleece baby blanket with it (see picture on right); I really loved how beautifully the yarn worked up!

Now, in looking at the recent pattern books I purchased from the
AnniesAttic site (they still have a great sale going on, btw) I see I still need more.  I've got my eye on Melody MacDuffee's "Beaded Edgings," and over at amazon I'm checking out the "50 Crocheted Afghan Borders" by Jean Leinhauser.  I realized they needed to be added to my pattern acquisition list when I was working on my secret project and wanted a border that mirrored the theme of the project.  While I finally did manage to find a border that matched nicely, I feel it was such a major hunt that took a lot of time away from my crocheting.  I figure having books that specialize in project themes, such as borders, would help save me that time in the future. 

And isn't that just like an addict -- justifying the fulfillment of the addiction??  I reason that if I have the books, then it will save me more time for my crocheting.  And if I save more time to crochet, then I'll finish more projects.  And if I finish more projects then I'll need more yarn.  It's a vicious cycle -- one that I enjoy

What's that?  Joann's is having a sale to celebrate their one-millionth online customer with a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree?  Say no more!  I'm on my way to check it out!

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