Wednesday, October 25, 2006

When Simple Crochet Goes Missing

What happens when your yarn stash starts to overtake your pattern book stash?  I wonder this as I spend time searching high & low for one particular pattern book this afternoon.  Naturally, I would testify in an open court that I had Erika Knight's Simple Crochet in my pattern book collection, but for the life of me I can only locate another book similar in title: Melody Griffiths' book, So Simple Crochet

Hmmm ...  Where could it be?  Did I lend it out?  Did I take it on a fiber adventure and forget to bring it back home?  Is it tucked away with one of my WIPs?  Is it possible that I had meant to purchase it but never did -- tucking the thought that I had in the back of my mind so I can spin my wheels searching for something I didn't purchase?  I shudder at that scary thought! I'm sure I had added it to my pattern collection a long while ago, when it was first hot off the printing press -- I vividly recall leisurely leafing through the pages and really loving the crocheted leather pillow (along with other projects she has featured) in the book, and in fact this is what is driving me to locate it.  I wonder where I put it?

Of course while I'm searching for the book I can think of another tedious task I could be spending the time on ... of which, admittedly, I have!  ... you too? 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, This is what happens when a ball of yarn sneezes. LOL