Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Uh-Huh, The Tank Top is Done! :)

Once upon a time I was a petite little thing.  I developed an allergy to chocolate too  which I think helped keep me petite for the longest time.

Then along with having children, my body changed.  I'm a bit bigger than I used to be AND I can now eat chocolate to my heart's content.

So imagine my delight when I read that "
Chocolate can improve cognitive performance."  Is this why my creative side never seems to rest?

Case in pointThe Tank Top.
Working it up I opted to change/customize the pattern for a more personalized fit.  Before I could do that I had to determine my gauge.  I had the right number of stitches per inch, but not rows.  Instead of fighting with the stretchy fiber to try to make row gauge, I opted to go with it so I had to make an adjustment to the pattern to accommodate for the extra rows I'd be adding in.  I also decided, if you recall, to omit some of the fitting.  After all, I had chocolate to accommodate.

Next came the insert.  One of my students gave me some leather to play with so I thought that it would make for an interesting addition to the pattern to show my "wild side." 
(My son liked the addition too because it covers  "the line.")  I had to compensate some of the pattern to allow for it, and that included reducing each strap by one stitch.  Hmmm, in looking at the image of it here, the leather insert reminds me of little chocolate donuts ... mmmm ... donuts.  (Kidding aside, I do want to note that the tank looks much better in person: the leather looks very rich, and the fiber is just scrumptious to touch.  I also want to note that my model here is less, mmm, curvy than me, so you're not getting the full effect.)

Working with the stretchy yarn (Paton's "Katrina") was not difficult at all -- I loved how the fiber felt slipping through my fingers,as well as the slight sheen it had running through it. 
Once I completed the tank I tried it on for one final fitting.  Now, as a Mom, wearing sweats, loose T's and such seems to become the "daily uniform."  It's been awhile since I've worn anything fitted.  I looked into the mirror and yelled, "Holy Jinkers!  I have a waist!!"  It also really emphasized "the girls."  I was in shock -- it's been awhile since my curves looked, well, so cur-vy!  (Even my husband made note of the emphasis.  Which in itself is not a bad thing, right?)

Do I like the final outcome?  Uh-huh!!!  ((THANK YOU AMY FOR INSPIRING ME TO DO THIS PROJECT!!)) It fit like a glove and I'd love to create another for myself sometime.  But for now, because I want to dee-emphasize the most obvious curves, I'm now looking for a bolero pattern ... got a favorite bolero pattern I should check out?  Let me know in the comments or send me an email ... I'd love to know!  :)

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Anonymous said...

The tank came out real nice Dee. I have the pattern also and hope to start it soon. Mine will be much bigger but I hope it comes out as nice. Ruth