Sunday, June 25, 2006

Row Row Row Your Boat

After 30 minutes of heavy rain on early Friday evening I decided to place an empty cup outside. I wanted to see just how much rain we were going to get here at the CrochetWithDee yarnstead, er homestead. When I checked it yesterday it had nearly 4" of rain in it. Today the cup has runnith over, thus the reason you see me aboard the Ark today. Hey, you'd be aboard too if you saw that sunshine isn't expected until Friday!  (I don't think I really need to go into the fact we're under "Flash Flooding Warning" do I?  I think the Ark really says it all.)

The Ark was an actual group effort the members of the HHCC crocheted a few years ago.  Some members created the animals & fishes, others created the cloud & sun, while even more members worked on the ark, the water, and the sky.  It was a large undertaking -- and a large outcome measuring some 5 feet square when it was done.  The Ark has an actual pocket to store all the animals in, while the top allows the doves to nest.  It received an Honorable Mention Ribbon.  And, before my email becomes flooded with pattern requests, I'm sorry.  This was an original work; no pattern is available.

I think for a project this of this magnitude, without a pattern, was a fantastic achievement!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are okay and I hope that your area doesn't flood as bad as we did.  We fortunately had about 3 days of sunshine but are supposed to get hit with more rain and storms tomorrow.

I LOVE the ark that the group created!  About how long did it take to make from start to finish?

Hope you and yours stay dry and safe!


Anonymous said...

You are charming! Hope you can safely disembark the ark soon. Stay dry!