Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stitches: Not Quite The Kind I Had In Mind

After teaching today I brought my children to the Stamford Museum to check out their "Built to Scale Exhibition.  We really enjoyed it, including seeing the boat with the crocheted buoys. (how cute!)  Afterwards we headed home and my thoughts turned to the projects I'd like to finish up in time for the upcoming Conference, and what a great blog topic that'd be.

Since there was a break in the rain today (more expected tomorrow) I decided it would be good for us to enjoy some time outdoors while we could.  I grabbed the laptop and was midway though the new blog entry when my son accidentally crashed his bike into some rocks.  Good thing he had his helmet on!!  Apparently though he's the only one that got in some stitches in tonight (don't look at pic #2 if you get grossed out easily).   Doctor says he'll be OK; stitches come out in a week.  He got dinner out and some baseball cards for being so brave during the whole ordeal.  (We all know I would have wanted to stop at a yarn shop if it were my boo-boo.  You can't crochet baseball cards, or can you??)

Tomorrow I'm off to NYC to attend a CYCA "Knit Out & Crochet Too!" meeting; details soon!  :)

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Anonymous said...

OUCH!  I have many scars on my knees and elbows from bicycle accidents, so I feel your son's pain.  My mom was forced to keep an endless supply of extra large knee-sized bandaids and Bactine (remember that stuff?) thanks to me.  Hope he isn't in too much pain, but thank God for making kids resilient like that.

Hope you're okay too!

Hugs and hope you're having fun in NYC!