Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crochet Helps Win the Game

We celebrated my husband's birthday yesterday by attending a "Short-season A leagues" minor league Baseball game (Earlier today I reported that it was a AAA game but my 7-year old son was quick to correct me.  To end the confusion I added an additional link to clarify the description of the team we went to see.) This was the first time we've attended a Minors game, and boy! were we glad we did!  What fun!!

Really this story
started last year when we attended a Yankees game, which was thrilling & historical when the Yankees came from behind to win over the Devil Rays after scoring 13 runs in the eighth inning.

So there we were, sitting in the stands at the Dutchess Stadium to watch our first Minors game when we learn that the HV Renegades is owned by the Devil Rays (in fact the owner of the Devils Rays was there).  They were playing against the IronBirds (owned by the Baltimore Orioles). Small world, eh?

I took out my crochet (because how could the team we're rooting for possibly be able win if I don't keep up the tradition of crocheting during the game?!?) and set to crocheting up the item I plan on offering for the Crochet Exchange at the Conference next month. (Does the project look familiar? It's a Treasure Bag that I will be adding a little something-something to.) I was using a *new to me* yarn called "Coral." It's a fiber from Turkey that consists of viscose and polyester ... like a thick thread with a bit of sheen and little tuffs of eyelash here and there. It worked up very pretty, glistening sort of under the big stadium lights. I nearly completed it by the end of the game -- and let me add that it was good thing that I was still working on it towards the end of the game because the crochet charm worked!! 

The Renegades won by one run over the Ironbirds in the eleventh inning!  A most exciting game!

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Anonymous said...

Wow....a crocheter who also likes baseball!  A friend after my own heart!  :)

Do I get extra credit for recognizing the Treasure Bag before I read that, that is what you were making??? :)


PS  Go Tigers!