Friday, June 30, 2006

Sneak-Peeking at the Goods

Sometimes taking a sneak-peek at the "personals," if you will, leads to good things.  While I'm not going to dive into all the possible meanings of what "good things" are (mainly because this is a self-imposed "G" rated blog), I am going to show you my bra today.

Well, not my bra, but rather the bra that members of the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, will be entering for the BRAVO! auction taking place at the National Conference in just barely two weeks. I just finished assembling all the pieces the members helped crochet, and doing a lot of hand bead work on it.  Right now it's enjoying the bright sun to allow for some glue (yes, fabric glue) to dry.  (That's the white goo you see on one of the flowers.)

Feast your eyes; do you like?  It's done in the colors of The HHCC, and even includes bead work noting that it from us.  The brassieres will be auctioned off to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer and The National NeedleArts Association's Stitch to WIN campaign to support breast cancer initiatives.

Be sure to check out the brassieres from the
Regional Conference; they look fantastic!  In order to bid on it, you need to be at the Conference.  Visit the Crochet Guild of America's website for details.

PS:  If you like to do the "Where's Waldo" type of stuff, see if you can find the butterfly on the bra!  Have fun!  :)

Upon request, here are two more views:

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Anonymous said...

Well, I couldn't find the butterfly but I've never played "Where's Waldo" either.  I do find it interesting and the colors beautiful!!!  I wish you and your group a lot of luck!  

Hugs and love,