Monday, June 5, 2006

Something More Pleasing to the Eye...

I'm able to comfortably keep my eye open today so I'm working on catching up on my emails and do some finishing touches on my tank top.  Maybe, just maybe I'll post a picture of it tomorrow along with some thoughts I had about the project ...

In the meantime, after giving such a "stark" image/posting of my injured eye yesterday, I realize that I need to post something a bit more pleasing today.  So behold!  It's the New York City Crochet Guild's 2006 Commemorative Crochet Hook hand turned by Tom & Linda Diak of Grafton Fibers (  The hook is to celebrate the NYCCG's Fifth Year Anniversary; it's a size 5mm and is hand turned from rich red and ebony woods!  YUM!!  

The rainbow of colored fibers behind the hook was the "packing" they used to safely ship the hook to me from Vermont.   They look like little puffs of colored clouds and are so heavenly soft!! 

Other Exciting (to me) News Today:
My blog/journal has been selected as "The Crochet Site of The Day" for today!  Click onto the image to check it out along with a lot of other great crochet sites!   :)

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Anonymous said...

 Im happy to hear your on the mend:) I just love the way they delivered your hook. So festive!