Friday, June 16, 2006

Guest Blogger: Karen of Massachusetts

Learning the Art of Patterning
Its summer its getting hot Time to think breezy. I started a jacket for myself in the granny stitch. Lion Brand®  Homespun® Yarn My objective is to make it all in one piece. I chose Homespun baby yarn. I am using a size K hook. Its a real pleasure because I am making progress so quickly.

I got all of Margaret Huberts books that I could find. I think I am her new groupy. I have her older books Weekend Projects, More Weekend Projects. Even though I used to think working with bulky yarn would not make an appealing item its just not so. I am zipping along I am already on to the sleeves.

Recently I became facinated with the granny stitch not the granny sqaure. I searched for a pattern for a jacket and could not find one. I decided to look at Margaret's book. I worked out my own.

Now People tell me to submit it somewhere. Here's the trouble. I only made it in my size. There's standardize sizing that magazine require. Is one required to make small medium and large? Wow that would be a lot of work.

People are always telling me you missed your calling I don't hear any one calling. My whole objective is to make one piece to avoid getting bored and not finish. So far so good. My usual M.O. is, I get fired up make the back and one side of the front of a sweater and run out of steam. I have done this numerous times. I have however finished a knitted sweater done on circular needles from Elizabeth Zimmermann's book Knitting Around with her pattern you make the body up to the under arm then make the sleeves. You then unite them and knit the whole thing in one piece. I thought,why not try this approach with crochet eliminate the shoulder seams.

I am hooked on schematics too. Berrocco is in my home state MA. They include schematics with their free patterns. I have trouble with written patterns and this is a huge help for me. (I love their site and covet all their yarn. I have recently aquired quest,crystal FX,jewel FX, metallic Fx all just pure luxury)

My goal is to make a pattern with schematics. When I want to make my jacket again, any hook any yarn will work as long as I can get the measurement of the schematic. No worries about not having the right yarn.I will still consider, weight, draping and things you need to think about. If they discontinue the yarn I am using I can substitute another. All this thinking its just mind boggling.

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