Saturday, June 3, 2006

Uh Huh, Part II

I'm delighted my "enabler" visited my blog yesterday to see that I'm delightfully pointing my crochet hook at her and saying my latest endeavor is all her fault for inspiring me ... I'm tickled she knows that the comment I left on her blog when she first created her beautiful tank was more than just words meant to flatter ... (I had said "It looks fantastic! Thanks for adding to my WIM list, Amy! LOL") I am now acting on those words!  Taking her project from my WIM list to my WIP list!
Crowd of Crocheters ready to Crochet Josi's Tank with Dee
So last night I worked up the first 22 rows and tried it on.  I'm liking the fit thus far, but as a woman with more curves than one normally dares/cares to admit, I decided to read a bit further of the instructions and made an executive/designer decision.  I will omit some of the shaping to give my curves a bit more freedom.  I'm also thinking ahead -- way ahead -- about changing the neckline a bit.  Nothing major ... just something a little different.  We'll see when I get to that point. 

Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, so it's my goal to finish the tank by tomorrow.  Would you like to join me?  While it is true that I have a jump start on the project, it's not too late to make it a "crochet along weekend."  The pattern is fairly easy consisting of single crochet stitches and since the pattern is based upon the measurements you plug in, a lot of the guess work has been removed.  AND I think it would be fun to see how many more crocheters we can say Amy has turned onto Josi Hannon's tank pattern.  So crochet with me!  :)

Answers to some common Questions:
1Is it OK to alter a pattern?
     A.   Yes!  Often times crocheters will use a pattern as a launching pad making changes that suit their personalities/desires/creative whims to their liking.  Not everyone does this, and that's OK too.  The key is to do what suits you best. 
2What is a WIM?
    A.  A WIM is *A Work in Mind" ... something that you want to create just as soon as all the stars in the heavens align just right, or until there's a great yarn sale.  Whichever comes first.
3What is a WIP?
   A.  A WIP is *A Work in Progress" ... few have just one on the hook at a time.  Most feed the hooking desire by having as many as five works going at the same time, stored in various totes and bags around the house to make it portable so we can crochet in public.

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