Sunday, September 5, 2004

Which is Easier? Crochet or Knit?

Being one of the top AOL Editor's Picks for the week has introduced many to my Journal that may otherwise never have found it.  I have been very happy with all the positive comments left in my Journal, and have enjoyed all the emails as well.

So I thought, as I plan on camping in front of my TV for the next day getting updates on Hurricane Frances and abandoning my PC, that I'd answer a question that was posted by Nettie, who's journal,
JerseyGirl, ranked #1 this week:

She asked: "I used to crochet when I was younger........but would have no idea how to even start now.........I completely forgot how to do it!  Is crocheting more difficult or knitting?"

Nettie,  I'm delighted that you visited with me and asked this question.  I do want to confess that I am very biased; I am devoted to crochet.  So of course I'm going to say that crochet is easier.

Now lets see if I can back up my bias with some facts:
     * Crochet is done with one hook instead of two needles
     * Crochet is done one stitch at a time
     * Crochet can change directions, patterns, size with ease at any time one wishes it to
     * Crochet is more forgiving when mistakes are made ... one can "fudge" or rip out work and rebuild easier
     * There are more books, videos, websites out on this topic now than there has ever been in the past

And based on the review of Melissa Leapman's new book, "
Cozy Crochet" that will soon be released, the ratio of crocheters to knitters is 3 to 1.  And I think with numbers like that, it says a lot about crochet's ease to learn.

So, if you're just learning, or want to get back into crochet, there are ways to learn.  If you want to go it alone, and try to learn from a book, then you may be interested in reading my Journal Entry from August 27 (
click here) where I discuss various book recommendations for the beginner.

Then, I suggest you visit websites such as:
... the Crochet Guild of
America's ( -- be sure to check out their table on turning chains!

... the Craft Yarn Council of America's (
-- check out the learning graphics!

... the website known as StitchGuide ( -- just click onto the crochet option and sit back and enjoy the little free video clips you can watch right on your PC!

If you want to learn from an instructor, then I suggest you start with a search on the Internet ... using words such as "Crochet Teacher Classes" or "Crochet Instructor Classes" and adding the state you live in (Crochet Teacher Classes Connecticut) should net you results of finding classes in your area.  If there are no hits for your area, check with your local yarn & craft shops, religious institutions, YMCA's, and libraries.  There's usually someone around that knows the basics of crochet.

Finally, Coats & Clark has a CD Rom you can purchase called "Crochet Made Easy" -- it can be found in some craft stores, and at times on ebay.

And for those that are following Hurricane Frances, you may want to check out this link that shows the latest satellite images:; I'll be watching the areas of Melbourne, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville where I have family.


Anonymous said...

Here's another reason for being in favor of crochet . If your going on a plane you can take those BIG crocet hooks and crochet yourself across the sky, but you will still be held by airport security with those knitting needles.   Have not tried it out yet. But what can I do on the plane if I can't take my scissors, needles, knitting needles.  I use to knit on the plane, but that is now out.  

Happy crocheting to all.

Pasadena Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, prayers for your family

Anonymous said...

My mom does both but prefers knitting. I think because it was what she learned first. I really want to learn how to crochet so thanks for all the links :)

Anonymous said...

That was so interesting........thank you....I will go check out some of the links too.....I'd love to learn both though.....but I'll start with crocheting....thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, Dee, but I'd also like to add to the list of very helpful sites.  Its what I used to get started with the basics.  Beautiful entry!  Sheila