Friday, September 3, 2004

Magazine Review: Interweave Knits "Crochet" -- Special Edition

There has been, as I've discussed before in my Journal, a long time rivalry between crocheters and knitters. I've never understood it, but I have felt the cold shoulder from some that believe that only knit is worthy of one's time and fiber, and that crochet is only for those on a shoestring budget.  That generalization can't be further from the truth!

As I understand it from the CGOA's Professional Group, at the National NeedleArts Association (known as the TNNA -- of which I'm also a member of), they had a Fashion Show showing both knit and crochet garments ... and it was the crocheted garments that stole the show.

I witnessed this myself when I was at the CGOA's National Conference this past July, I attended a Breakfast Fashion Show which also featured both knit and crochet -- and my own personal observation was that flash bulbs went off far more times for the crocheted fashions than those of which were knitted. (to see images of the fashions, please go to "view older entries" option in my Jounal and go to the month of July)

This being said, Interweave, a company known for producing books and magazines of various gorgeous art forms, opted to take it's KNIT magazine and do a special issue on Crochet.  It officially hits the retail market on September 7th, so this is like a sneak-peak preview...

Pam Allen, the editor of this issue, states as she describes about her staff learning about crochet, "As we discovered more about the history and innovative uses of crochet, it became clear that we were only sampling a smidgen of what crochet has to offer." (Welcome aboard, Pam; we've been waiting for you!)

This special issue is packed not only with patterns by top notch designers for items from sweaters, hats and bikinis for children (and more!), but also various articles that are interesting ... such as Lily Chin's on growing up as a Crocheter, and Bethany Lyttle's on tapestry crochet.

I'm also impressed that they put time into the little details ... and by this I mean the advertising! The advertisements are just as yummy -- and they reflect crochet from page, to page, to page!

Now, since I have a copy, and since you probably want one now, lets get into where you can get one too.  I've seen online groups discussing that our local Barnes & Noble have it; and since Borders carries the normal Knit version, they may have it too.  Your best bet is to call your local Yarn Shop (not the craft stores, but the YARN ones since this is what they specialize in).  If you're local to me, I understand that the store in Bethel, CT, known as "A Stitch in Time" has them in.

If you cannot get it locally, then you may want to order it directly from Interweave themselves. But be warned, the shipping is a bit hefty ($4.50 for the first issue, $0.50 for each additional). You can learn more about this magazine by visiting their website (clicking onto the magazine image above will take you to Interweave's website).

But remember, if you want to subscribe to their magazines such as Handwoven, Beadwork, Interweave Knits, Piecework (I subscribe to this & love it!), Natural Home, or Spin Off (I also subscribe to this one too), then you may want to order through
BlueDolphin and save yourself some bucks. 

So what happens now?  Will they produce another issue?  I don't know.  The best thing we can do is to write them and let them know our thoughts.  As I understand it from the CGOA's Professional Day at the National Conference, they need our feedback ... constructive criticism and raves all help shape future publications. J


Anonymous said...

enjoyed your chit-chat style, and educational info on crochet.
I quilt and love it as i can take large projects wherever I go, as well as do small projects( usually pillows and baby blankets) in a jiffy.
pictures on my site.
I noticed a homeschool mom on one of your pages. I also homeschooled for 6 years- 2 children graduated, the other two entered highschool last year.  What an experience! Wouldn't have exchanged it for the world!  I am glad for the kids who are back in highschool.  They seem to be doing fine and are all the better for being homeschooled!
Congrats on your site for being highlighted!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being one of the Editor's top pick of AOL journals!  :)