Thursday, September 23, 2004

Edible Crochet!

Perhaps it's because this is my third day without my traditional cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or perhaps it's because in the last three days all I've been able to keep down is one bowl of soup ... regardless, my mind is on food.

And how fitting it is that the November issue of Crochet! magazine should arrive and right on the cover they tease me with the headline "Edible Crochet Basket"

That's right, "Edible."

Remember all those times as a child growing up that your parents told you to stop playing with your food?  Well, here's Crochet! magazine giving us the green light to go against all those motherly and fatherly teachings that were drilled into us -- giving us the OK to not only play with our food but to also crochet with it!!

And it's about time!!

The concept is easy ... you will need a clean STEEL hook, dried of course, and clean hands, and a bunch of licorice candy in string form.  You'll need to keep your tension eased as you don't want to stretch the candy to the point where it will break ... and oh, heck, if you make a mistake, from my own personal past experience of crocheting with candy, just eat it! 

Think how pretty a crocheted licorice chain would look going around the bottom and top edges of a cake, or look down the middle of a gingerman or gingerwoman cookie.  Or on top of a cupcake.  (Oh, man, this is making me hungrier than I already am!!)

And, while you're at it, don't stop there, try crochet with your spaghetti too ... or even dough (and then bake it up and see what results).

The bottom line here is to experiment.  Don't let "rules" hold you back from opening the door of possibilities.


Anonymous said...

oh wow that is too cool! I bet your trying it right now :)
I do hope that you start feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Dee...that's a novel I want to run to a store and buy string licorice.......Sandi