Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Update: The Big E

So how was the Eastern States Exposition?

Well, judging by the phone calls from HHCC members that attended, they had a great time. That's right, I didn't go.  No, my son and I seemed to have gotten a case of what we suspect is food poisoning. There was no way we could leave the preverbal porcelain bowl to make the trip to MA and last a whole day. The whole family is truly bummed.

I did, however, when my nauseous moments were low, get to peruse the new Vogue Knitting magazine that arrived in the mail. There's some pretty sweaters featured, and you know me, I just couldn't help but think that they'd be prettier with crochet added. 

I do appreciate all the comments that you, my readers, have been leaving me. And I like to take the time to answer questions here when I think other readers would like to know my answers. So today I'll address Jeanie's questions in regard to the 2004 CGOA Member Fashion Show. (If you missed the original journal entry on the show, you can go
here to see all the pictures.)

Jeanie asked: "How does a gal get ahold of some of the patterns for the beautiful garments modeled at the conference? Are they available for purchase somehow? I absolutely adore the items designed by Joy Prescott, Willena Nanton, Lily Chin (I know she has a book out), Doris Chan, and so many others! "

First, let me say Thank You to Jeanie for all the wonderful compliments she left; they really helped to cheer me up today! So, Jeanie, looking at your question above let me see if I can offer some information on each designer you inquired about:

Joy Prescott: Joy does a lot of original works, mostly in the technique known as freeform. You can see some of her works by visiting this webpage,, and by visiting Prudence's too (see below for her website url)

Willena Nanton: I had the utmost pleasure of having Willena as a roommate last year. This woman is absolutely incredible, and we share many of the same interests -- including collecting Barbies!!
Except Willena takes it a bit further ... she also attends the National Conference for Barbie Collectors and participates in their fashion shows too...the outfits in the fashion show are those replicated by the participant after a design that appeared on a Barbie...and Willena's choice of fabric? You guessed it! She CROCHETS the entire outfit! She showed me videos and it was just one huge "WOW!" after another coming from my mouth! You can find one of Willena's designs in the CGOA book called, Today's Crochet" by Susan Huxley. She has more designs being published so keep an eye out for this budding designer!! (Click onto the image here to read up the review from the Barbie National Conference)

Lily Chin: Does Lily Chin need a write up? This woman is known around the world, holds the title as the World's Fastest Crocheter, and creates works for well known designers. If you visit the NYCCG's website, I believe they have a little video clip of her guest appearance from the David Letterman show. Lily's latest book out is called, "Knit and Crochet With Beads", and you can find a dress she designed in the Interweave Press' special Crochet edition.

Doris Chan: Doris, I found from sitting in classes with her at the 2004 Conference, is a lady that serious about crochet and is quick with a smile. She was charming and insightful, even offering to chat with me about aspects of breaking into the design business. She has designs just about everywhere ... you can see some of them featured in the Interweave's special Crochet Edition (
or just click here to get a little peek.)

Prudence Mapstone: Prudence does not use patterns to create her fashions. Well, actually, yes she does, but not quite like you may be thinking. Her crochet work is done in small little motifs that she joins together to make a larger fabric. She'll make several pieces of the fabric and then lay them on a sewing pattern, or a pattern shape she cut out. She'll continue the process until she has her desired effects. She has a great book out called, "Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting & Crochet," and her website is

Margaret Hubert: Margaret has designs EVERYWHERE!! From magazines, to books, to videos. A talented lady that happens to be a member of my CGOA Chapter that has a heart of gold. Her freeform work is beautiful, and you can locate her videos on her website at -- and if you're lucky, you might be able to find one of her OOP books listed on eBay.

There were many publishers & editors sitting in at the fashion show, so don't be surprised if you see some of the fashions modeled popping up in new publications!

And, one of the best ways to locate designers is to join online crochet groups.  Several, including Margaret & Prudence, are members of the FreeForm Group; some are members of the Crochet Partners group; and so on.  By being a member of these online groups, you can learn more about them -- which makes collecting their works/books/patterns even more exciting -- and then of course meeting them in person is more than icing on the cake!! (Talk about bliss!)

Jeanie, I hope this has helped, and I'm delighted that you visited with me.  J

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