Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Let There Be Light

I just finished putting the finishing touches on my poncho that I crocheted for an upcoming workshop I'll be teaching.  Fortunately, I've got enough practice in to practically make my stitches without looking, and I have my special lights to help me. With this poncho being nearly entirely done in black, I needed both the ability to "feel" my way to my stitches, as well as my lights or for sure, I believe, I'd have gone blind!

Natural-Light Floor Lamp
There is a trick to helping the eyes concentrate on darker colors. And that is to place a white towel, sheet, or paper under your work. This allows for light to bounce off the paper and onto the back side of your work making it easier to see where the stitches are. (The opposite is true when working with bright colors such as white; here, you'll want to place something dark under your work to absorb the light to make seeing stitches easier.)

One of the best investments, or actually two of the best investments, I've made since I've seriously gotten into crochet, are my lights. These are lights that throw "natural bright light" but without the bulb emitting hot heat. The unit to the top left is offered by Hammacher Schlemmer and is the renown Ott-Lite brand. Clicking onto the image will bring you to the website where they're offering it for $179.95

My first unit, a floor model, I got through Technoscout (now named firstStreet). It's very similar (a knock off) of the Ott Lites, and I love it! It sits behind my couch "reaching over" my head and reflects the light beautifully onto my work with no annoying heat. The one pictured to the right is a special offer by firstStreet for $59.95 in celebration of their new name; clicking onto the images will lead you to them.

My second unit, similar to the one pictured to the bottom left, is a travel model. I got mine through eBay because at the time, I couldn't wait for it to go on sale and I had found a reasonable auction. (But Oy! The $hipping costs!) Now it appears more companies are realizing the demand for these lights and are offering them. Regardless, I have my travel model and I take it with me when I attend workshops away from home -- usually those workshops that are held in hotels as the lighting is so poor.

The two light units below are offered by Staples, and just like the images above, if you click onto them they will lead to that website -- I do want to note here that they're offering the travel unit for $59.95, and the floor model for $89.95 (both with free shipping).

Ott-Liteý VisionSaverý Task Lamp Sometimes the warehouse stores offer these types of lights, as well as local craft stores, so it's worth checking into. I've ordered online from Staples and firstStreet before, so I know they're good companies to do business with. Ott-Liteý VisionSaverý Executive Floor Lamp

The reason I'm bringing this up now is because I've decided to put one of these lights on my husband's "Wish List" because I keep seeing him "sneak time" in under my light. When I asked him about it, he said he really likes the light for when he's doing his reading. I offered him the use of my Travel unit, but he said no. He doesn't want to get attached to it and then have me need it once he's fully 'hooked' on it (I love puns! LOL) And since he does a lot of reading, I'm thinking this would be a great gift to give him this year. After all, I like when he admires my crochet creations, and this means we need to preserve his eyesight as well as my own.

The lights you see pictured here are just a few companies offering them. If you're on a shoestring budget, or don't have the space to put in another lamp, then you may want to check out the new light bulbs being produced by GE. They're called, "Reveal," and cost about $5-$8 for a 4-pack.

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Anonymous said...

Those Ott lights are amazing. I tried one while I was cross stitching and loved it.