Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch Me, I'm Irish

"Wow, Mom! You whipped that up, in what, a half an hour?!", exclaimed my son last night as I handed him a brand new tie, hot off my hook.

Backing the story up a bit, he had said 30 minutes earlier, "All the kids will be wearing green, and I don't have anything with green on it." How could I let my child, with a bit of Irish in his heritage, go to school without wearing a least a pinch of green? Wearing a clover pin was out -- "it's just not cool, mom, for a boy to be seen wearing a crocheted clover pin." So I did what all problem-solving superhero crocheting mothers would do -- I crocheted a green tie for him to wear today, calling him my "jazzman" as yes, he really does play the trumpet.

He was amazed at my speed, crocheting along, using nothing but slip stitches, that the tie had worked up. Mr. Dee set the record straight, saying to my son, "It might have taken your Mom a half hour to wip up that tie, but it took her a lifetime to learn how!"

After steam blocking the tie, Dee Jr. wore the tie, with pride, to school today. He had more than a pinch of green on, he was wearing "coolness." Ah, that's me lad!


JustCindy said...

Glad that you saved the day with crocheting and Dee Jr looks fantastic in his green tie. Hope he has great fun with it!

Jennifer Cirka said...

What a HANDSOME man!! And the tie looks great too! LOL!!