Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh, dear. Houston, we have a problem!

You know, when I posted the Pickles comic strip the other day, I was sooooo excited to READ the boy was crocheting that I didn't stop to inspect his hands. I should have as it appears he has TWO STICKS. The art of making fabric with TWO STICKS is knitting. It is not the same as the art of making fabric with ONE STICK with a KNOTCH -- which is known as crocheting. So even though it states the boy is crocheting he is, in fact, not.


It seems a lot of people make the same mistake calling knitting crochet, or crochet knitting. For some, it doesn't bother them. In some parts of the world the term knit is used to describe ALL the fiber arts. Of course I would think that confusing, expecially if I were to say, be witnessing someone doing some embroidery work, or perhaps macrame. Would you be confused too?

For others, it tends to drive them crazy, screaming for justice. Or at least demanding a level playing ground -- after all, one doesn't call a piano a harp, or a harp a flute, right? That's how the Crochet Liberation Front, a group on Ravelry, got started -- and they now award various people and their projects or articles the "Flaming Hook of Justice" for getting the word out about crochet. In fact, the CLF has awarded my blog with a "CLF Salute" -- I think that's pretty cool. Thanks CLF!!!

Speaking of crazy, I went down to my local police department last weekend to be fingerprinted. Seems I broke some zoning laws of owning too much yarn stash and had to be hauled in. If you believe that one then I have a bridge to sell you as one can never really own too much yarn, could they?? In all seriousness, I went to be fingerprinted for a new CGOA position I'll be volunteering for. When I arrived for my appointment the officer behind the desk seemed angry at me for interrupting his TV watching (what can I say, I live in the country and usually the biggest crime here is having a bear attack bird feeders). After the fingerprinting, the same CLF group brought this article to my attention: "A Denver Deputy Sherriff was fired because in part ... [failing] to stop crocheting while on duty." They are not embracing her actions (other articles give more reasons for the firing), but they are proud of her remarks for defending her craft:

At one point, a captain asked the deputy, "Was it my imagination or were you knitting on post?"
The deputy replied, "It was your imagination, because I was crocheting, not knitting."
I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have an Officer crocheting -- or knitting -- especially if it was a charity project, than watching TV, as it's so much more productive. And from my side of the glass barrier at the local PD -- I'd be more understandable should the Officer make you wait to finish out a stitch repeat rather than waiting for a television commercial. I'm just saying ...


Krystal said...

LOL I absolutely love her reply! And I agree, why not do something productive instead of just watching TV?

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