Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrating National Crochet Month

I had a fantastic time yesterday, with members of my CGOA Chapter, celebrating March as National Crochet Month. We offered an afternoon of yarn playing: a free beginners crochet class, and a free Tunisian class at the Bethel Connecticut Library. (for those looking for the history on National Crochet Month, I have information posted about it on my forum.)

Free Crochet Lessons were held at the Bethel, CT, library

We had the pleasure of meeting/teaching many wonderful people who were interested in learning about crochet! We had the full spectrum of learners: newbies, knitters*, and those wanting to relearn the joy of crocheting after taking a long hiatus. Everyone seemed to have had a good time.

So, how can a day get any better than that?!?

Priscilla accepts HHCC donation from HHCC President, Grace

... how about with a donation of a crochet book to the library! We donated Erica Knight's, "Essential Crochet," so that long after this year's National Crochet Month is over, crocheters will be able to borrow this book! (for those interested in checking the book out, please give the library time to get it into circulation.) Pictured is Priscilla, accepting the book on behalf of the Bethel library, presented by Grace, The HHCC's President.

(*Why place knitters as their own classification of crochet learner? Because for many knitters, they already know how to utilize two hands to create stitches/control tension. Even though crochet only uses one tool, the crochet hook, it still requires most crocheters to use two hands to create stitches/control tension. This therefore gives many knitters a slight learning advantage over those classified as "newbies:" those who have never picked up a crochet hook or knitting needles before.)

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