Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dee: Reloaded

Mr. Dee and I watched two movies this past weekend: The Matrix, and The Matrix Reloaded. For those who have not seen the movies yet, I will recommend the first. (The second one has me scratching my head and saying, "Wha??" Maybe the 3rd movie of the series will help clarify?) The Matrix is about living in a dream state, only the dream is real with computers running the world. You SciFi fans will love it.

In my world, computers fear me. I tend to burn through computers at an alarming rate. A brown out here (fried mother board), and other various "accidents" tend to happen when I'm around. It's not something I'm proud of. Nor a title ("computer killer") that I wish to hold. But it's the truth. (Yes, I use a UPS system, and virus protection, but that does not seem to be enough insurance from the wrath of Dee. Iieeeeeeeeeeee!)

And, knocking on wood here, thus far the new laptop (which I use daily), and the new PC are doing well. The only drawback is not having access to files that were stored on those older, fried, computers.

Tonight I REALLY needed access to one of them. (One of those life or death situations, especially when it's been requested for publication, know what I mean?) I needed access to a pattern I had written for a class series I had taught awhile ago. I asked Mr. Dee if there was any --ANY -- way he could help me retrieve them. He smiled. "I do," he said. He left the room and shortly returned with some computer guts and this cute little box that is now humming beside me.

That's right. I'm now reloaded. Patterns I've written long ago, long thought to be lost forever, are now at my figertips, awaiting to be reharvested. And I am one -- very -- happy -- camper!


Mamapooki said...

I love your blog, and I know about losing PC's to power surges. The last one took my second desktop and I replaced it with a laptop. This time I took the hard drive out of the desktop and use it as an external hard drive to retrive files that are on it. I discovered the HD is ok even if the motherboard is cooked. I got an external HD case from Ebay, slide the HD in, tighted a few screws and was good to go.

Ann said...

The third Matrix movie was a waste of film. And I'm a SciFi fan.
Wait, I'm too harsh.
The third Matrix movie did not live up to the promise of the first, but degenerated into an average, escapist, SciFi shoot-em up.
I think either my Hubby or boss recently said they figured out the ending, but I haven't rewatched it recently.