Friday, August 8, 2008

CGOA Conference: The Graduation

During one of those special "after hours" gatherings in my hotel room, we had a conversation about how some of us can never go back to being just conference "attendees" as we were five years ago.

Five years ago; wow.  Five years ago we were looking up at the big name crocheters & teachers, aspiring to be just like them.  And now, this year, as Vashti stated in her blog entry, this Conference broke the mold -- and in so many ways!

For me, it was a sort of Graduation. A graduation from being a local crochet teacher in the tri-state area to becoming a national crochet teacher.  For others it was a graduation of being a crocheter who designs for fun, to being a
newly discovered designer, such as Nancy who sold five of her designs.

There was no formal ceremony for this graduation.  No caps, no gowns.  No marching on stage to shake a hand.  No receiving certificates.  No parents in the audience to snap a few pictures for the family album.  So how would this special moment be captured and remembered?

At the Conference I was approached by Anne and Brian, both wearing the biggest smiles I've ever seen.  "Go ahead," Anne urged to Brian with an elbow nudge, "give it to her." 

Brian reached into his purse he had won at a former Conference auction and pulled out a huge black tube and held it out to me.  "This," he said, "is our gift to you to commemorate your graduation of becoming a teacher at the CGOA."

"Go ahead, open it!" Anne directed. 

I opened the tube and was instantly teleported to Cloud Nine.  Inside I found the world's most beautiful Pink Ivory Tunisian Hook, size P/11.5 mm, with Morado Finial, Bone and Bali Sterling Silver Accents, with a 7mm Gaboon Ebony Sphere and Captive Ring.   It is 19 3/8 inches long, with 16 1/4 inches of working length.

How can I thank Anne and Brian enough for this truly wonderful gift?  Their reply?  "Make Something Special!"  I will always, always treasure this hook, their generosity and thoughtfulness to this moment!!   I have graduated!
In the picture above are the Giraffe Hooks I showed in my "Crochet Your Knit" class.   Under the Giraffes is the special Pink Ivory Tunisian Hook Anne and Brian presented to me.  The smallest hook is the Limited Edition 2008 CGOA Commemorative Crochet Hook.  All of these wonderful crochet hooks were made by Brian of

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful hooks!

You have come a long way!  I will have to hit Vashti's blog and see what she had to say about it all.  Just trying to get caught up on your journal before my trip.  I don't want you to think I abandoned you!

Love and hugs