Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guest Blogger: Mini~Dee

Hi, it's Mini~Dee, blogging for mom.  We just returned from spending the afternoon at the Bridgewater Fair.  We had a fun time!

Mini~Dee takes home the Blue Ribbon from the Bridgewater Fair, Juniors Division, 2008Mom said I should tell you all about the project I submitted to the fair this year.  I crocheted a jumper for a doll my Grammie gave to me.  (She wrote about her love for me all over the doll's back and tummy!)

Mom asked me when we got home from the Conference a few weeks ago if I was going to enter anything into the Bridgewater Fair this year.  I wasn't sure.  I was still working on a poncho that has a lot of little squares that need to be sewn together.  Since that project wasn't complete, I really didn't have anything ready where I could say, "Yeah, sure mom, I'll enter whatevertheprojectnameis," I had to think if I could create something in time.

Mom asked me again as she was preparing her entry forms for the Bridgewater Fair.  I said no.  I still had nothing. 

When Mom went to the FEZA Trunk Show our crochet club had, I decided to stay home and work on surprising my Mom.  I rummaged through the goodie bags I received from the Conference and found two pretty colors of Creme de la Creme yarn by Coats. I grabbed my crochet hook and made the shirt first, then the jumper (complete with pocket), and then the hat.  Designing as I went, it took me about five hours to make the whole outfit.

When mom came home that day, she was happy!  And she liked what I had created.  She talked to the coordinator and asked if there was still time for me to enter into the Fair's competition, and she said yes.  So I did.  And I won a Blue Ribbon in the juniors division!


Anonymous said...

HOKEY SMOKES, Mini-Dee!  First of all, you sure know how to write.  I kept reading your post, holding my breath in suspense, to see if you made the "deadline", LOL.  Then you buried the headline, "Mini-Dee Wins Blue Ribbon"!

And not only did you win.  It looks as if you've got some serious designer mojo going on.  The way you work -- waiting until you were inspired, finding your yarn first, letting the yarn speak to you, not letting anyone see until it was done -- sounds like most of the professional designers I know.  See what happens when you hang out with the bad kids?  :D


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mini-Dee!!  
I love your crocheting, designing and your writing.
Jane R