Monday, August 11, 2008

HHCC Monthly Meeting

"Well, you can swing it you can groove it
You can really start to move it at Chava's
Let's all go to Chava's, (oh baby)"

The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, Connecticut Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, had it's monthly meeting yesterday.  Normally we meet at the same location, at our local hospital in Danbury, Connecticut, but yesterday we had an "off site" meeting.  It was hosted by one of our members, Chava, at her home in the quaint town of Monroe.

Yesterday I met up with many members and had them hop into my van for the commute through the rolling hills of Connecticut.  And it really wasn't a long commute at all!  (The HHCC has members from all across the state, from New York, Pennsylvania, and as far away as Washington state!)  Upon arrival to Chava's home we were introduced to a smorgasbord of goodies -- for Chava was hosting a FEZA Yarns Trunk Show, and had the meeting catered by Entrees Made Easy!!  Chava said it best, "Good food, good friends, and yarn...what more can a girl want?" 

And how true, how true!  We petted the yarns and bought much of it too!  We ate great food, and enjoyed each other's company.  And we received some great news too:  Chava accepted a position with the Feza company -- and, remember all my whining about many yarn shops closing in Connecticut for the past two years? -- FEZA has decided to open a warehouse and office in Monroe!  How wonderful!  :)

What did I buy?  I bought a bag of ALP Dazzle, 3 balls of Mesmerize, and a ball of Cyprus Mohair.  The Dazzle is creme in color, and self-stripes by changing fibers (much as a Magic Ball would).  The Mesmerize is a soft gold color with a slight sheen, mixed in with black "peach fuzz" (no not the color of peach, more like the fuzz one feels on a newborn's head).  The Cyprus Mohair name is misleading; if it read Cyprus Acrylic & Mohair it would be more accurate.  It is slightly thicker than what many consider worsted weight, and also self-stripes.  It is a mixture of blues and browns; I'm thinking it will make a great scarf for my Dee Jr. this winter.  :)

Chava, you're right, good food, good friends, and yarn...what more can a girl want? ... aside from more storage space??  LOL 

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