Monday, September 3, 2007

Question From Reader: Adding Buttons for the 2007 Participation

I was wondering if you could tell me how to add the "Scarves" button on my blog. I really want to put it on there, but I don't know how.
Thanks, Beata


Hi Beata,

I am delighted that you are planning on joining the growing list of participants:

  • Sandie at Crafty Corral
  • Sherri at CrochetR
  • Tracie at Fibers by Tracie
  • Sheila over at Just Another Hooker
  • It's been quite some time since I've fiddled with my blog over at (I heard that gasp!  You all think I've been holding out on you, huh?  Yes, I admit, I do have a blog over there -- and it's with good reason I've kept it under wraps!  It's because I haven't had the time to devote to it how I envisionit; and I have posts going back to 2006 that I can't seem to get published. Arg!  So, for now, just put that thought of finding it on the back burner as this is where I am placing my energy for the time being.  Should something develop over there, I'll announce it here first.)

    Beata, here's how to add the image to your blogger post:

    1. Right Click onto the 2007 Participant button you see in this posting and then click onto the "save image" option that will appear in a small window. This will save the image onto your computer.

    2. Log into, select "new entry."  In the screen where you type your posting into there is a tiny picture on the options bar, click onto it to add a image to your entry. Another window should open so you can browse in the files on your computer for the image you wish to add; in this case it would be the 2007 Participant button. Locate the image, and blogger should do the rest.  When you click onto "publish" post, the image should appear with your entry. 

    Having the image on you sidebar is an entirely different ball game. I'm hoping someone more familiar with blogger can come to our aid to tell you how to do that as I'm not sure if there is an easy solution to offer you.  Right now, the only way I know how to do it, is to go into the html coding (aka your template), and for many that is no picnic in the park. So how about it readers who also use Blogger? Can you offer Beata easy instructions on how to add the 2007 Participant button to her Sidebar? If so, many thanks!


    Anonymous said...

    I made mine in the sidebar this way:

    1. At your dashboard go to Layout.
    2. Click on Add a Page Element in your sidebar area.
    3. There's an option for "Picture" - Click Add to Blog
    4. Find the picture on your hard drive (because of course you're not stealing bandwidth from Dee, you've already right clicked and saved it on your computer) :)
    5. Add any details in the areas they give you options to add details in.
    6. Click save and then you can move it on your layout page.

    Hope this helps!!

    Anonymous said...

    I got it!!! Thanks so much for finding me some help! You rock!!!