Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday Update: 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge

I was chatting with a parent from my children's school the other night during Open House.  She was telling me of a local man who recently passed away. At his Mass the gathering of friends, family, and neighbors discovered he loved to quilt.  And he used this hidden passion to aid those in his community by learning of various people need, bundling up one of his quilts and delivering it in the cover of darkness.  He left no card, or tell-tell sign that he was the anonymous donator.  And he did this for years.  They discovered at least 50 people in that gathering had received his gift of love.

I thought that was a touching story and decided to share it here because some people who want to participate in the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge have emailed me that they don't have local charities that can use them, or have the financial means to ship them.  So in light of the man who gave his beautiful quilts anonymously, I ask, is there someone local that could use an anonymous scarf donation?  Even if the scarf has it's ends folded up to make pockets -- a nursing home resident can use it to keep track of things when sitting in a wheel chair.  Or it can be tucked under a bed mattress with just a pocket end sticking out -- just enough so a child under-going cancer treatment can reach over and grab a book tucked inside.  You see, scarves can do more than just keep the neck warm.  :)

To recap, participating in the Challenge thus far, we have:
  • Sandie at Crafty Corral  has three scarves completed 
  • Sherri at CrochetR
  • Tracieat Fibers by Tracie is on her way to completing her third scarf
  • Sheila at Just Another Hooker
  • Bunny from Bunny's Blog
  • Ellen over at GoCrochet
  • Haley
  • Priscilla of has finished her sixth
  • Sonia of

    Joining the Challenge this week is:
  • Jennifer of; she's working on her second scarf
  • Beata of who has three completed already
  • Jane of also has three scarves done.

    ... and I managed to squeek one out while wearing my wrist brace.  This means we have completed 21 scarves thus far!!!  Whoohoo!!

    It's not too late to join the Challenge!  All you need to do is go here for the official rules -- and don't forget there's a drawing for a great prize too!
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    Anonymous said...

    My gosh, what wonderful ideas. I never thought of using a scarf as anything but, well, a scarf! LOL So simple I feel like I am having a duh moment. Thank you for sharing.

    Anonymous said...

    Hay friend, Im working on my 4th scarf:) Just to let you know. My goal is at least 6. Cross your fingers! Sherri