Monday, September 10, 2007

One Armed Bandit makes out like a Bandit!

payload from Northampton Wools
I am recovering from a wrist booboo that seems to be healing on it's own (with the aid of a wrist brace and no crocheting at the moment).  

As part my self-imposed recovery regiment, I went to Springfield, Massachusetts, this weekend with some of my CGOA Chapter members to deliver various entries for an upcoming needlework competition that will be held at the Eastern States Exposition (known as The Big E).  I entered two items, and Mini~Dee entered one.

While we were "in the neighborhood," we took a little drive up to Northampton (about 20 miles or so) for some most delicious lunch at the famed "Sylvesters," and to, of course, start the fiber frenzy shopping spree! {VBG} About half a block away from Sylvester's is a little yarn shop called "Northampton Wools."  They had a "sidewalk" sale going on where I managed to pick up some Lang "Forum" -- a cotton & silk blend fiber bliss from WEBsyarn -- for just a buck a ball.  I'm not sure what the yarn wants to be when it grows up, so I purchased all that they had.  I also bought some Lambs Pride wool that I'll be eventually felting, and some buttons (full price).  (See 1st picture on left.)  After visiting the Northampton Wools shop we headed down the road to visit WEBs.

WEBs has to be, to my knowledge, the largest yarn shop -- ever!  And apparently I missed all announcements that they too were having a big sale.  But that's OK!  No, really!  I got even by purchasing many, many sweet fibers ranging from wool to a cotton/linen blend for just a mere $2 a ball each. (No, I will not admit to the QUANTITY I purchased!  Just take my word for it that it was "sa-weet!")  I also purchased some buttons and some ribbon yarns (full price) to round out the shopping experience.  (see picture on right.)fantastic 'hardware' from Creative Fibers

Feeling giddy from our fiber shopping in Massachusetts, we discussed what other shops we wanted to stop at while driving home to Connecticut.  Elaine remembered a shop that was a vendor at the CraftAdventure (Part of the Eastern States Exposition last year) and suggested we give them a visit. I'm glad she did!! The shop we stopped at is called Creative Fibers and is located in Windsor, CT, not far from I-91.

It was my first experience shopping at this store, and it was wonderful! I found a huge assortment of "new to me" bone rings -- not the normal ones you see everywhere; no, these are rings with nickel coatings, and tortoise too.  To match, I also purchased an assortment of "D" rings, and a beautiful metal heart shaped closure.  loot from ACMooreDid I purchase more yarn?  Yes!  I purchased a few balls of Rowan's "Romance" and some "Saucy Sport" cotton too.  (See picture on left)  We also picked up some cute T-shirts that say "Hooked on Crochet," and the latest issue of Interweave Crochet magazine!    

Our next stop was ACMoore.  Not having an ACMoore near us it's always a treat to stop and load up on "staples."  For me this meant more of Caron's "Simply Soft Shadows," and various wools that will be felted in the coming weeks.  In the photo you'll also see some sewing bobbins.  Now before you all start emailing me stating that those are not crochet related products, I'm going to have to say, "Yes, they are!"  I wind sewing thread on them (with the sewing machine) and then combine them together for the desired thickness, and then crochet with them -- when I do this I can create my own color combinations for unique looks you cannot buy in a store!  bounty from Joann'sSo before you think I've totally gone off my rocker -- think about it!  We can now use our sewing machines as a "YarnThread Winder!"  LOL

Our final stop was at Joann's located in Waterbury.  We have a Joann's in Danbury, but it's no where near the size of Waterbury's.  Here I picked up some storage boxes (after all, I'm going to have to organize all of my new purchases, right?), and some more "tools of the trade:"  some grommets & tools to add more character & "artistic flair" to my felted works I have planned.

For this "one armed bandit" it was a fantastic way to lift the spirits and recharge the creative juices.  Now, I just need to wait for the wrist to finish healing.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!!  Don't forget me on your holiday list!! :)  That shopping trip sounds like "loads" of fun (yes, pun intended!)  How did you have room in the van for the people?  Can't wait to hear about the projects that come out of these treasures.  Good luck to you and MiniDee with your submissions and get that wrist healed up quick!  Grins, Haley