Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm "In"!!

I've been one of the many thousands of fiberholics standing patiently in line since mid-July to join the explosively-growing community known as Ravelry.  Each week I'd check in to see where I stood, chatted with a few others standing in line, compared projects and thus.  Well, hmmm, that was a virtual line I was standing in, so no, that was wishful thinking on my part.  I really wasn't chatting with my neighbors in line with me, but I know they must be as excited as I am when the golden ticket was presented to get in.

For me, I received my golden ticket to join last night!  Whee!!  I immediately started setting up my notebook and realise it's going to take some time to build it up (and when it has material worth merit I'll post more about it here) -- like what yarn AND how much is REALLY in my yarn stash (will I really come clean to how vast it really is??? eish!).  If they expand the needle/hook section so you can name brandnames -- that would be awesome! (I'll suggest it to the hosts in case no one else has.)  In the meantime I was tickled to stumble upon two friends there ... Pam & Rose!  (Hi Guys!)

If you, my readers, are also a part of the community and would like to be added as "friends" please leave a comment here or email me as to the user name you are using.  For now I'm going to do some more exploring and play around with it's features.  I can be found at Ravelry as "CrochetWithDee."  :)  


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard, Dee!  Isn't Ravelry amazing?!  You're absolutely will take some time to build up that notebook.  But what a neat way to keep track of projects and share them with friends!

Anonymous said...

Me too...I also got in yesterday! -Jen

Anonymous said...

 I got my invite a few weeks ago but have yet to explore. Ill look you up and Im under CrochetR:) Have a great crochet day! SHerri

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee:  I'd love to be on the friends list (didn't hear about this before, any chance of getting in?).  I'm going to check it out immediately.  Talk to you.  Lori

Anonymous said...

I'm there as TracieCrochets!  And welcome!!!  It's addictive.  :)

Oh, and they're working on adding more info for hooks.  Right now you can click on comment as you add them and do it that way.  That's how I did it.