Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taking Stock: Book Collectors Take Note!

I have decided to change the name of my crochet book collection from "Dee's Private Reference Library" to "The Vault."  And any family and friends wishing to check out any material from it will be required to leave a hefty cash deposit and wear a tracking device.

Why the extreme measures to protect my collection?  Well, besides the fact that I enjoy them, I'm discovering that for several, their value is going through the roof!  "Why should I invest in the stock market," I asked Mr. Dee the other night when we were looking at the growing volumes, "when my crochet books are proving to be a viable investment -- that I can have fun looking at as the value increases!?!"

Everyone seems to know that "Modular Crochet" by Judith Copeland is a gold mine.  I got mine BRAND NEW, direct from the publisher, a few years ago (they've since sold out).  I purchased it for $25.  The value now ranges from $100 - $160.

Then there's the "Crochet For Fun & Profit" by Darla Sims.  This book that sold for $20 when it came out in 2000 has been selling for as much as $60 -- in used condition.  Mine is like MINT. 

So yesterday, thanks to the International Freeform Group, I find out that another one of my gems has appreciated in value.  That would be Maire Treanor's "Clones Lace: The Story and Patterns of an Irish Crochet."  I think I paid around $20 for it back when she visited the United States in 2002.  The book is now valued at $100.  Did I mention that mine is autographed?

Of course how to tell when a given book will become a hot collector's item is anyone's guess.  It all depends upon supply and demand, the basic rules of the stock market. 

For me, I'll continue purchasing the crochet books that teach me new techniques, and that inspire me.  After all, when is the last time you were able to read a stock certificate and then crochet something beautiful from it?  ;)


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Anonymous said...

Your article has hit home! I started collecting years ago; love books and never could part with even one. But it was Mel's list on the FForm site that opened up another world :) The search was on; I considered it a "treasure hunt"...and it seems to have worked out that way...prices have skyrocketed!
I tell Brian it's an "investment"...LOL!...and that he will have to make a padlocked case for the growing library. You are and demand! Just look at some leaflet booklets and the high prices commanded for OOP single patterns! might be interested in the site "LibraryThing"...I (and other crocheters) have cataloged our book libraries; easier to see what you have and you can see who shares your's a link to mine:

Have fun! Anne (and Brian)...