Monday, August 13, 2007

Secret #2: A New Job!?

Before reading on, can you guess what it is?  No, really!  Guess!  :)

I've agreed to be a columnist for the CGOA's E-News for a year.  Here's the official news release that was sent out earlier this week:

 Look for The Crochet Connection by Dee Stanziano in October's issue of eNews. Dee will be sharing links to crochet sitings in the world of fashion, including movies, celebrity, Hollywood in general, or anywhere surprising or out of the ordinary. If there's a new, kick-butt crochet gadget, accessory, or yarn, expect to hear about it from her. She'll share news about crochet, new trends, etc., as well as crochet events that shouldn't be missed. 

Is this a licence to go shopping, and to the movies, or what? 

So, how do you get a copy of the CGOA's eNews to read my new column??  Good question!  If you're already a CGOA member then all you need to do is ensure they have your email address on file.  If you're not a member, then you should consider joining!  I've been a member since 2001 and have enjoyed watching the organization grow, meeting new people, learning new things, and more!
  To learn more about this great Crochet organization just click onto their logo above.

And, the icing on the yarn cake is, this week I'm their volunteer for "The Stitch of the Week."  Members over at the CGOA-Membership board are learning this fantastic 2-dimensional stitch called "The Tulip Stitch".  Come join us!

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Anonymous said...

Dee, this is great news!  What a way to really get yourself "out there".  I'm sure all the CGOA members will enjoy your insight as much as we do here!  Do tell - will your first review include Doris' new book?!?  Congrats!  Haley